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Cinnabon k cup pods

I purchased a LOT of the Cinnabon k cup coffee pods,
And honestly until now they have been perfect but recently I had a not so pleasant experience. I usually buy the boxes of 24 ( at Walmart) but I ran out and went to Winn Dixie close to my home, anyway all the pods had something wrong because they all ( all 12 pods) left grounds in my cup, I have never had this happen before, but honestly they are very pricey, so I thought I would write to your company regarding this issue. I live in Beverly Hills, Florida and the Winn Dixie is also in Beverly Hills, Florida
My email is [protected]

delivery service is the worst ever!

I have ordered Cinnabon Egypt delivery at 10:43 pm and he told me it might take up to one and a half hour for the order to get delivered to me. Now it's 1:19 am and still I didn't receive the order !!! I have called the customer service twice and every time they tell me that the order has been dispatched and 10 mins maximum and you will receive the order. Unfortunately that's nonsense . I am very very disappointed. I wanted to celebrate the vacation with Cinnabon but that was the worst choice. Won't do this again. I want follow up with the case


I went to Cinnabon in Bellis Fair, Bellingham WA. I came from Canada, where there are no Cinnabons, so we excited to go there. I purchased on the the cinnamon buns and when she put in on the plate, it was almost frosting-free, so I asked for a different one. The girl gave me one, but seemed a little reluctant. The new bun was raw inside, so I went back and she told me I had already had it replaced. I was not happy so I left it there and left. I paid $5.69 USD for a very poor product.

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    I would like a refund.

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    already done


I buy cinnabon every weekend almost. But few of my branches where i buy from are closed in Riyadh. Last tym i bought from Khurais mall, and their cinnabon was so dry...
then again i buy from them and it was not cooked from inside at all.
I felt so bad and that i wasted my money.
Why is ur services going so low day by day.
Most of the workers at cinnabon sometimes dont even give bill receipts. And they always say its fresh even if its one day old.

coupon presented by employee not valid even though date specifies

I have a coupon and they work 2 days ago for my mom and i try to use the coupon And i was told no because of the black friday demand. First off its monday. Second off the coupon does state that it wouldn't work the experation date is 12/21/19
Galleria mall henderson nv
[protected] this is my email
This is not something that should be advertised along with slight rudeness when addressing it

coupon presented by employee not valid even though date specifies

cinnabon bites

After being standing on line for about 10 waiting for the girl to finish to talk with her colleague I had to ask another employee for take my order with he had I scare face just...

double charge on my credit card

287133 I went to the Cinnabon in Crabtree Valley Mall today 30/09/2019, and the employee made double charge on my credit card, he said it wasn't working and passed the credit card...


I am very disappointed in the new kiosk Cinnabon at the Staten Island mall. My sisters and I tried to order a box of minibons and the cashier rudely told me we couldn't have more than 1 because they ran out of the larger boxes that hold multiple items. I tried to ask if we could put them in a different type thing of box but she rudely said no and asked the next customer for help.

Cinnabon pack

Dear : Sir ;
Kindly be informed that I was in cinnabon Green plaza branch Alexandria Egypt today 3th September 5:10 PM To buy classic cinnabon pack 4 pieces. The cashier try to force me to take a pre-packed one which didn't include any production date or even expire date when I refused to take it he told me that the company policy to take pre -pack not from hot plate . When I request a complaint form he told me that is not available in the branch that is the first time I didn't found a complaint form in multinational F&B company branch.
Attached photos for the pack which not had any production or expire date.
For any further questions please feel free to contact me at [protected]
Best regards;
Amr Eltahan

Cinnabon pack
Cinnabon pack
Cinnabon pack
Cinnabon pack
Cinnabon pack

cinnamon bun poorly crafted

I'm at Sloskies at beltway 8 travel plaza Houston Texas. They do not proof their rolls and refuse to. I've said a few times they should let their rolls raise . It would make a better presentation and better product. Buy they seem indifferent say they cook it frozen. Nasty. Imo. So as a customer I get this anemic looking roll.
I've worked in bakery when I was a kid I know thres proper practice. They don't seem to have it and they are instructed to do so by management.
Can you correct this.
Arthur Colwell

cinnamon bun poorly crafted
cinnamon bun poorly crafted
cinnamon bun poorly crafted
cinnamon bun poorly crafted

customer service

Today 8/22 I went to the Las Americas outlet Cinnabon branch to buy a Cinnabon before 10am. When I initially entered the store it looked like no one was working. Then as I got closer to the counter I noticed a girl named Julissa behind the glass cabinet that stores pastries. She looked at me & all she said was "yes?" No formal greeting at all. I asked for the Cinnabon & because the music was so loud in the store she said "what?" I repeated myself & she proceeded to go to the back counter where a tray that had about 3-4 Cinnabons left in it sat. She pulled a Cinnabon out & put it in a box. I'm thinking she was going to hand me the "fresher baked item" but she goes under the class cabinet & I assume places the Cinnabon in microwave or heater. I kindly ask her if she had any freshed baked ones & she said no she doesn't. She didn't even offer for me to wait if I wanted to go that route. Already annoyed I accepted it & she hands me the Cinnabon. Then says forks are behind you & goes about putting things in the cabinet. She didn't offer me a bag to place it in, yet I had to ask her for a bag to place my Cinnabon & fork since I was not going to eat it right away. As I was bagging my item another empty walks in & they start talking Spanish & having a full on conversation as if I wasn't there! When I got home to eat my Cinnabon as I live 5 mins away, the Cinnabon was hard, dry & you could tell it was old! I was so disappointed & grossed out I threw it away! Someone needs to educate these employees proper customer service & if your company is all about freshed baked goods, make sure you have some available when a customer comes in when the store opens. It unacceptable that I ended up with yesterday's goods!

  • SubSquirrel Aug 22, 2019

    I agree that she wasn’t doing her job properly. She should have offered bag or asked if you would eat it there. Maybe she had a fight with her boyfriend before work and doesn’t know how to leave personal issues at home.

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cinnamon roll/service

Worst experience ever, i love your guys cinnamon rolls and been having them for a few years. Stopped at one of your locations in Montclair, Ca inside a mall and bummer worst service ever and my rolls were tiny, they are usually bigger way bigger than this when i questioned tne mgr. She said it was the same size they always been. And its not thru usually i get 2 and thats enough for 2 times each one cuz they are BIG, and not only that once i got hkme and pulled them out to eat some of it they were hard as a rock, so i hope you make it right!!

cinnamon roll/service
cinnamon roll/service

  • SubSquirrel Aug 13, 2019

    They have cinnamon rolls for the sexes? “ i love your guys cinnamon rolls and been having them” means you love their ‘guys cinnamon rolls ‘. Never heard of a store having foods for each gender.

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service and sanitation

On Sunday August 11th, 2019 my wife and I visit store #8104 locate at 8111 Concord Mills Blvd. in Concord, NC. I visit this store every Sunday after my wife and I leave the Movies for a sweet treat. But today experience was the worst I ever observed at this store location. We were serviced by a young African American male with a bushy natural hairdo. He was cordial as we stepped up the register where he took our order and a young white girl who usually there on Sunday and always working hard to fill your order quickly and with a smile. After we had order we took a seat inside the store to enjoy our treat. As usual our treat was good but what we experience was not. The young African American male I spoke about earlier had moved back closer to a young African American female with glasses where she was rolling dough for another batch of rolls playing with his long hair moving his head up and down and then pulling his hair back into a ponytail showing his coworkers I guess how he wear his hair between the front line and the preparation area. He then moved right behind this young lady while she was rolling her dough playing in his hair with his hands for a couple of minutes. To me this wasn't to sanitary for him to be doing this while she was rolling dough loose hair could have fell out of his head and into her dough with her not noticing it. My next observation was a young White male and a young African American male both cursing and swearing like no customers were in the building. Not once but several times they shout to each other in a joking and playful manner but cursing every time. Then both of them went through the swinging doors and one of them yelled "I don't give a dam". I don't know which one said it because both had went behind the swinging doors. The other employee's just looked around shocked with some of them laughing. Like I said this was the first time I have noticed this type of behavior at this store. I observed six employees working today with 3 that was doing their job I thought correctly. I don't know who was the shift leader or manager on duty but those three individuals someone need to say something to them. Will my wife and I stop in next week after our movie date, I don't know if I observe these three individuals working we may not. My ticket information is as follow, Order#[protected], Station#POS1, Date 8/11/2019 and Time 1:22PM and I paid $4.48 for my Classic Roll. I'm not asking for anything free all I want is for someone to talk to these young people and let them know of the importance of working and customer service and take pride in their job. My wife and I enjoy our time at this store where we share out Classic and just chat with each other. But today our little atmosphere was spoiled with the action of these three individuals. I'm sorry for the length of this complaint but it's important for young people to understand and respect others and their job.

free cinnabon from survey

I was reedeeming the receipt for the free small cinnabon and the owner was saying I can only get a free drink. I told him the receipt says a free mini cinnabon. The cinna bon wa...

out of stock

I hate to register a complaint but I drove twice to the Treasure Coast Mall in FL (it isn't that close to me) and both times they were out of the BonBites. My kids love Cinnabon...

unethical behavior

I was the third person in line waiting to be served. There were 4 servers, 1kneeding the dough for the pretzels 1 serving a customer 2 others giggling stating the times they're going to get off. The workers were females ignoring their customers, no eye
contact or manners. It was my turn to be served It was like all service had stopped for at least 5 to 10 minutes because they were engaged in their own conversation. As I ordered my food and my change was given back to me it fell all over the counter . The worker looked at me and again kept talking with the other worker. Come to find out they didn't get off from work until around 6 or 7 in the evening.
A customer behind me became upset also as service came to a halt for that few minutes. I didn't have time to take photo's pushing for time. My family and I were traveling.

fired for untruthful reasoning

July 13, 2019 My name is Delorine Brown. I was fired today by Jacob Bear [protected]) for reasons that did not add up. He said I was late 6 times in the past month, but he...


Purchased on 7/08/2019 at 12:21 PM. This was not like the cinnabons we have purchased in the past. We got home and couldn't wait to enjoy our cinnabon with a tall cold gla...

classic roll

We stopped and got a Cinnabon's while on our 16 hour road trip. I specifically asked the clerk if they were fresh and he said yes. When we got back on the road we began eating...

customer service

Cinnabon Excalibur Wednesday July 3 6:20 pm.
3 employees, nodded my head at one of them, he looked down m. After a minute my friends spoke up get their attention . The girl looked at us like we were bothering her . The other girl approached and when I asked for the cinnamon bun with the most frosting she said she had to take the last one in the tray I asked for so we went to Krispy Kreme instead .

horrible service in this place

I have a complaint about a girl who works there who always has a bad attitude and attends people poorly it seems as if she doesn't want to work. This girl is dark skin and ha...

kfc cinnabon dessert biscuits

Cinnabons are the best cinnamon rolls ever!

Their gooey soft bun, yummy balance of cinnamon, brown sugar, and butter, and the frosting is perfect! I don't know why Cinnabon would associate their product with what KFC is producing now.

The dessert biscuits are a terrible association!! They are dry, hard, and lack the yummy frosting. They are not Cinnabons. It is deceiving!

cinnabon rolls

I bought two cases of cinnamon rolls from Sams and each one I opened up had black particles on each side. We always buy theses rolls so I knew it wasn't normal to have black particles in them so we threw all them away. I do have a picture of the black particles I am mentioning about. See attached. The Cinnabon rolls didn't expire for another month in a half. The boxes we purchased weren't damaged. The Sam's we purchased them from was the Sams in Columbia SC. Thank you.
My contact info
Ashley Little

cinnabon rolls
cinnabon rolls

cinnabon airport mexico city

In Mexico by law, the business must give legal bill with electronic files.
I made a consumption at the establishment of the airport in Mexico City and they have refused to issue the invoice. I will have to make a formal demand for breaking the law.
I understand that it is a franchise system, but it definitely affects your name.

I already sent 4 mails asking for the bill. (we called
ANd they refuse to answer and / or send it...

classic cinnamon rolls

On May 11th 2019 we stopped at the Allentown Service Plaza. I ordered 3 classic buns, 1 minibon 15 pack and requested a classic without icing. Was told they are unable to provide a cinnabon without icing because they come already prepared like that and they cannot change it. I then ordered 1 center roll pecan. I spent 41.19 during this interaction. We proceeded on our route. As the 3 adults attempted to eat the classic cinnabons they were found to be undercooked and you could only eat the outside ring. the rest of the bun was not edible and was thrown away. the cost of the 3 buns was s$14.07 + tax. store ID number is 4PACIN26. I can be reached at [protected] with a response.

Mary Tompkins

service and employee attitude

I visited the Cinnabon at the Wyoming Valley Mall in Wilkes Barre on Saturday May 18, 2019. The mall closes at 9:00 and we got to Cinnabon before 8:30 and ordered a frozen drink. The clerk stated they were out of the drink. I said to her, I think that is because it is late, you are not actually out of it, you just don't want to make it. She shook her head yes. She looked at me with arrogance as though to say " and there is nothing you can do about it." I wished I was the CEO undercover so I could have fired her lazy ass.
Starbucks was happy to take my order!

customers being treated hostile by employee

I had a very bad experience in one of your establishments or an establishment that is using your full name to do business! There is wide spread drug dealing in this store and the...

Cinnabon at Pilot Station — crossville, tn 38555

649063 May 11, 2019 at 5:35 pm. Cinnabon at the Pilot Station in Crossville, TN has been running a promotional "Nurse's Week" special advertisement for nurses to either get...

cinnamon bun

I asked for a cinnamon roll with pecans and caramel drizzle I got a plain cinnamon roll and paid full price for what I asked for And didn't receive . My customer service was absolutely terrible and I always order from Cinnabon. Very disappointed when I got to work and saw my cold roll incorrect and not what I asked for . I'm very upset, with my overall experience!

cinnamon bun

horrible customer service at baybrook mall store 1371

Store 1371. I think if you don't want to be at work just stay home instead of messing up other people's days. The Employee was on the phone, made no effort to greet whole we approached the counter. After 2min of standing I asked if she was ready, she looks up, doesn't say hello. i placed my order anyway, she rudely gives it to me. I asked her if she has any lids which she says "we don't have those" I've been to cinnamon before and got a lid to go. My son drops 2 of the cinnamon balls on the counter while I'm paying because it wasn't balanced right. She just stood there waiting for me to leave. she Then asks me if I want her to pick them up.i said no, I can get them but I'd like fresh ones. surely you don't expect me to eat food off a counter top. She mumbles, I mean they're clean but okay.. Completely rude and uncalled for. No sense of courtesy whatsoever. Unbelievably disgusted with that service. My son is only 7, as we walked away he said "mom why was she so mean, she's not very nice". Way to go cinnabon! Some great way to show kids how to act. Today is 05/03/2019. This happened at about 1400pm

horrible customer service at baybrook mall store 1371

service complaint

287133 Good evening, I went to this location near closing time. I felt like the employee that was helping me was in some kind of a rush, although there was still 45 minutes left...

classic cinnabons

Cinnabons have changed quality, texture, taste, and freshness. I am very disappointed at the last 2 cinnabons i have purchased. It seems like cinnabons are not being made from...

bad service, 2nd time this week

Okay so tonight I went to my nearby cinnabon at the local mall with my family and ordered two cinnabons, one with pecans and caramel, and one regular. The regular one was fine the...

I am complaining about the delivery service

I gave the order on the phone at 5:10 pm exactly, worst call center ever, loud noises all around the call center agent, I had to repeat what I said about two to three times till he heard me. He told me the order will come within 60 minutes, after 60 minutes I called two times to know why is my order late, first waiting time was about 5 minutes until he came back with an answer, the second time I waited almost 15 minutes until I got an answer. Finally, the order came to me after two hours and 15 minutes!!! The branch is ten minutes away... awful service, I have never seen such a disaster for a reputable company

employees in deptford mall new jersey

We just had the misfortune of being treated extremely rude by a young lady at the Deptford Mall branch.She was rude got our order wrong and threw our food in the boxes.It was so...


287133 The franchisee in the DelAmo mall in Torrance California is very rude to not only guest but her employees. I've seen her verbally lash out to staff in front of guest. Her...

no service

I was at the Cinnabon in Sugarloaf Mills Mall Duluth, Ga and 4 ladies were working. I was standing there for almost 5-6 minutes at counter. Neither one acknowledged me, even...


My name is Lisa Machado and I live in Danvers, Mass. I recently visited a Cinnabon at the Destiny, USA Mall in Syracuse, NY and was VERY disappointed. I purchased a 9 pack of the minis and a 4 pack of the Original Cinnabons. The 9 pack was a total mess! They were all different shapes, some were bigger than others, and the cashier was very unfriendly! I visited the store on Saturday 12/8/18 at about 8:45 PM. I have attached a photo. I think your employees should be re-trained on how to make the perfect Cinnabon. I happen to be someone who worked at a Cinnabon many many years ago and know that they should not look like this. I took the photo after my son had already eaten a few.


cinnabon customer service

I visited your Troy location and the service was absolutely horrible the employees were so busy in their own world I had to fight to get their attention to take my order and when...


I went to the Cinnabon in Las Vegas Nevada at the South Premium Outlet mall located on 7400 Las Vegas Blvd on Friday November 23 between 8:30-9am & ordered a Cinnabon with pecan...