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Perkins Restaurant & Bakery / Perkins & Marie Callender’s Complaints & Reviews

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery / Perkins & Marie Callender’s / diane?

Jul 03, 2019

Diane at Perkins in Cheyenne WY was VERY rude to me last night. My mother and I both ordered burgers then I realized our waitress hadn't asked us how we wanted them cooked. She raised her voice at me and said " They are always cooked well done"!!! Mine came and it was medium well. My...

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery / Perkins & Marie Callender’s / location la crosse, wisconsin

Jun 16, 2019

We wanted to try Perkins again since it was a great number of years and good memories of the resturant. We were met by a hostees with her back turnefd to us working at a terminal. After some minutes she said she would help us. Still with her back turned to us. We were then seated in a booth...

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery / Perkins & Marie Callender’s / service

May 25, 2019

To whom it may concern: I had a Pot Roast Senior Citizen Dinner. It was delicious other than the Carrots. The Carrots were hard to chew. The Manager came and said, you ate almost half the meal, i can give a discount off the one you ate off from, and charge you full price for a another full...

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery / Perkins & Marie Callender’s / appearance of restaurant

Apr 21, 2019

My husband and I visit this location at least twice a month. The service is excellent, the food is great and the staff is pleasant. The restaurant is very run down and feels almost dirty, though I doubt that it is. The carpet is disgusting. On rainy days, there are buckets to catch leaks. It...

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery / Perkins & Marie Callender’s / manager ron

Oct 19, 2018

Very rude in a harassing way to the employees that make the company money. My friends and l won't go back until we here he is gone. He is not a fit in this community. This is a small town where everyone knows each other and rumors spread. Perkins will loose customers rather than gain any...

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery / Perkins & Marie Callender’s / trish certified trainer

Jul 29, 2018

We ate at the Perkins in Springfield, MO and trish was our waitress and was incredibly rude with everything. She had an attitude with us when we ordered our food, and she never came back to check on us or refill our drinks. We asked her for some syrup for our pancakes, and she came back...

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery / Perkins & Marie Callender’s / customer service

Apr 08, 2018

We were in the waiting area and had our name on the list. We were told we would wait about 15 minutes later. We waited 30+ minutes and finally asked. We were sitting right close. The owner Ken was seating customers. He was very rude and stated he called our name 3 times. We were never...

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery / poor service

Nov 16, 2017

On Saturday, November 11th, I went into the Perkins for breakfast at 9:45 a.m. with a group of six. First we were ignored at the hostess stand for approximately 10 minutes. Then we were seated. The restaurant was maybe 1/4 full. We ordered and waited until 11:15 and when we still had not...

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery / management

Oct 08, 2017

I recently took a position at Perkins Restaurant and Bakery located in Dickinson North Dakota. I've worked in the restaurant industry for 20 + years and have never worked for a restaurant as poorly managed as this one. Every shift in the last 3 weeks has been quite challenging. The...

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery / gluten free menu

Sep 27, 2017

I'm just wondering Perkins is a pretty good size food chain and no one has incorporated a gluten free menu for most of us it is not a fad or a diet but a way of life we enjoy pancakes cookies pies and breads as well as the next person would be great to tickle everyone's taste buds the...

Perkins Restaurant " Bakery / service: lack of promptness. inattentive to patrons, cleanliness, excuses

Dec 24, 2015

Date: december 23, 8:10pm. La crosse wisconsin * extremely slow service: we were left for almost 5 minutes before waitress came with a menu. Didn't offer to get us a drink until she came back 10 minutes later. Had to prompt for her to take our orders, came back with the water 10 minute...

Perkins Restaurant / bad experience

Apr 18, 2011

Our Family has been a long time customer at Perkins in Gladstone 6292 north oak trafficway /Gladstone, Missouri 664118 The current manager Domingo is the worst manager to have run your rest. He is never there and his staff is so disorganized besides hearing the employees talk about how he...

Perkins Restaurant / bad dining experience


First and last visit to Perkin's Restaurant, (#1158) Orlando. Place was dirty, took a long time to get orders, food terrible, mashed potatoes looked like grits, diner roll looked like it had been squashed, turkey dressing was cold and dried out and prices were outrageous. $3.00 for...

Perkins / Horrible experience


My husband and I stopped here for brunch on our way to Treasure Island on Sunday and got there just before noon. We were seated right away, but the host told us our server's name as she was walking away from the table with her back to us. The table we were seated at was extremely...

Perkins Restaurant / simply awful


On Saturday, November 21, 2009, my wife, 2 adult sons and myself, went into the Perkins Restaurant on Route 300 in Newburgh, New York at 5:44 and were shown to a table. We waited 15 minutes and were never given a menu. We waited another 5 minutes and when I saw a server coming our way, I...

Perkins Restaurant / disgusting service


My mom and grandma ordered peach pie at Perkins the other day. My mom was chewing her peach pie thinking it was just a hard peice of peach skin and when she finally spit it out it was a bloody bandaid. I'm not clear on how Perkins decided to handle the situation because they kept the...

Perkins Restaurant / restaurant smell


While on a business trip on 7/16/09, I stopped at your perkins, in edinboro pa. I ordered breakfast. I should have left right then because the smell of the restaurant was so bad I could hardly finash my meal. I am on the road every day and this the worst place for dirt smell I have ever ate at.

Perkins / Poor Food


MY NOTE TO PERKINS "I had the misfortune of ordering your "Tilipa Sandwich" ($8.95) at this resturant and was completely amazed at the difference as to what was pictured on the menu and what I actually received. The menu shows a healthy portion of fish that stuck out of both sides of the bun...

perkins Restraunt / insulted by waitress and then by manager


My mother and I went in to perkins to have some brunch and i was getting my son out of his car seat, so my mother went ahead to get us a table, the waitress was going to seat her in a booth so she kindley asked for a table, I just came in and the waitress took her to a table and pulled out...

Perkins / Pies


Weather it be breakfast, lunch or supper, they are always asking if you want to buy a pie. I have been going to Perkins for years and if I wanted to buy a pie I will buy one. It is annoying and if they don't stop my friends and I will go elsewhere. Tonight my Wife and I went there for...

perkins resturant / survey


i was asked to take a survey for perkins resturant, i ASSUMED, the survey was about perkins, such as thier food quality, service, ect. the survey asked all kinds of personal information and NOTHING, pertaining to PERKINS RESTURANT, i wanted to say the food and service was excellant, the...

Perkins Restaurant / no work


my son work for perkins, and he told me that he is out of work for a week and he dose not no when he is going to work again. he has six kids at home and wife just lost a baby, she was only 6 months.his boss took him off do to the hours, also they are waiting for another store to give him...

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery / trash embedded in food


I visited Perkins Restaurant during my travels from a family reunion. I originally saw a commercial on TV. The food looked eye appealing. We located the store in Ames. We were greeted properly and seated the same. My problem was in the meatloaf. It was passable at best but basically what...

Perkins Restaurant And Bakery / discrimination

On June 9th my family and I entered into The Perkins restaurant in Orlando Fla. We were seated in a small section off to the right of the main seating area. It was then that I noticed that we were the only Afro-American family in this section. Several other consumers before and after u...