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If this is the type of people who run one of your franchises I will no longer support Perkins. I am a bar operator and I send customers there to eat after work and sometimes myself. I no longer will support Perkins establishments. I'm very offended.
I will share the distasteful comments she has stated online publicly. I will let everyone know you guys allow racist to run your establishment if this isn't handled accordingly and fast! Honestly offended is an understatement being as I have supported Perkins for a long time. The one by my bar makes great business based upon our bar that promotes them. Please fix this problem immediately



Diane at Perkins in Cheyenne WY was VERY rude to me last night. My mother and I both ordered burgers then I realized our waitress hadn't asked us how we wanted them cooked. She raised her voice at me and said " They are always cooked well done"!!! Mine came and it was medium well. My waitress was no where in sight, Diane was standing by the podium so I said "excuse me, but my burger is not well done it's medium" so she comes to our table and grabs it then upon bringing it back she says in a loud hostile voice "is THIS what you want? IS THIS what you want?" I didn't even get to cut it open and she was gone. This is the second time in a
few months my mom and I have had to put up with her rude behavior and the waitress we had then said she'd ( Diane) been rude all day. I would appreciate it if you speak with her about her unfriendliness and rude behavior as my mom and I enjoy dining there weekly.


Mary ( Tina) Espinoza

location la crosse, wisconsin

We wanted to try Perkins again since it was a great number of years and good memories of the resturant.

We were met by a hostees with her back turnefd to us working at a terminal. After some minutes she said she would help us. Still with her back turned to us. We were then seated in a booth right by the kitchen adjacent to a family with screaming children. There were only a few guests in the resturant at the time. We placed our order with a new waitress. When our food arrived after a considerable time we began our lunch. My wife ordered 1/2 of the BLT on the senior page. I ordered the Patty Melt with onion rings. After I had eaten the better part pf 1 sandwich I realized that it was not a Patty Melt. I waited another 5 minutes to contact our server and told her that my order was wrong and that I could not wait for a correction.

My wife was then informed that you can not order only a half sandwich but that it must be combined with soup or something. I was still charged for about half of my sandwich which I had not even eaten.

We will not try Perkins in La Crosse again.

Bill McBay


To whom it may concern:
I had a Pot Roast Senior Citizen Dinner. It was delicious other than the Carrots. The Carrots were hard to chew. The Manager came and said, you ate almost half the meal, i can give a discount off the one you ate off from, and charge you full price for a another full order. This is the worst i have ever encounted as far as handling a customer service situation!!! For a customer like me that comes to Perkins on a regular basis, i should be treated a lot better than that!!! All i asked if they could give me a fresh plate of Pot Roast? No, i have to charge you for it!! Well, i thought Customer Service is job one!! It was not handled correctly, and I'm very upset that i had to pay over half gor the meal i returned. I had to pay full price for the replacement order. Unsatisfactory service, i will not be back for a while unless someone can rectify this. I rnd up spending 35 doolars, when all she had to do was say i will handle this i apologize for the inconvenience. This happen at location: 3455 Poplar Ave Memphis, Tennessee 38111. Thank you for your concern pertaining to this matter.

  • Ba
    basefistrotten May 25, 2019

    You were expecting more than what you were entitled to. Nothing wrong with them refusing to give you more than what you are entitled to. Just you being greedy. Not them having bad service. Obviously if you ate almost half the meal there was no issue. You are just looking for a free handout.

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appearance of restaurant

My husband and I visit this location at least twice a month. The service is excellent, the food is great and...

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manager ron

Very rude in a harassing way to the employees that make the company money. My friends and l won't go back until we here he is gone. He is not a fit in this community. This is a small town where everyone knows each other and rumors spread. Perkins will loose customers rather than gain any because this town is not a tourist attraction. If he is a good manager then I'd like to here the compliments

trish certified trainer

We ate at the Perkins in Springfield, MO and trish was our waitress and was incredibly rude with everything...

customer service

We were in the waiting area and had our name on the list. We were told we would wait about 15 minutes later...

poor service

On Saturday, November 11th, I went into the Perkins for breakfast at 9:45 a.m. with a group of six. First we...


I recently took a position at Perkins Restaurant and Bakery located in Dickinson North Dakota. I've worked in...

gluten free menu

I'm just wondering Perkins is a pretty good size food chain and no one has incorporated a gluten free menu...

service: lack of promptness. inattentive to patrons, cleanliness, excuses

Date: december 23, 8:10pm. La crosse wisconsin * extremely slow service: we were left for almost 5 minutes before waitress came with a menu. Didn't offer to get us a drink until she came back 10 minutes later. Had to prompt for her to take our orders, came back with the water 10 minutes later. Arrived at 8:10pm, at 9:50pm food still had not come. 40 minutes waiting for food. I had to order a hot chocolate to keep warm because vent was blowing cold air. Lukewarm. We left at 9:50 because our food still had not arrived. Waitress said it had just been started to be made, sorry for the wait but there were a lot of orders that night. There were less than 10 people / 5 tables. Perkins doesn't do delivery, so I don't know what was going on. When we left we refused to pay, we did leave a tip, because of this horrible experience. We resorted to burgerking because we had already had to wait 40 minutes for food and knew they would be prompt. It was a simple order: ham and cheese omelet with pancakes

bad experience

Our Family has been a long time customer at Perkins in Gladstone

6292 north oak trafficway /Gladstone, Missouri 664118

The current manager Domingo is the worst manager to have run your rest.

He is never there and his staff is so disorganized besides hearing the employees talk about how he has been with several woman who works there. If a customer can over hear servers talking about there GM then why on earth hasn't corporate fired this man. I will never go there again ...besides the food was cold and horrible. Don't waste your money in this dirty in trained staff place who calls thereself a rest.

What a joke!

  • Br
    bruce fisher Oct 04, 2009

    SAND & GRIT in PARSLEY GARNISH - Bruce ate his - but washed-off Babe's in glass of water, gave grit in napkin to check-out gal . . .

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  • Fo
    Foster Feb 28, 2010

    Bad Experience and horrible shift Manager with a I am right attitude @ Perkins in Coralville.Iowa.

    Have gone to many Perkins as my kids love to go but always had a mediocore experience. Have also been to this one in particular but this time the experirnce was the worst and the managers (probably Shift Manager) attitude was indifferent to the customer with an high and mighty attitude that you can't do anything to me and that the corpn and the manager will back me up.

    First waited like 10 minutes to get a box as my son wanted to take the leftover home. Secondly waited over 10 minutes and finally had to call the manager to take the money - in fact thought of walking out - would have served them right.

    With my sons kid menu he was supposed to get a crazy cookie - never materialzed.

    Service *** and the attitude is not far behind and if the management behaves so - what can you expect from the workers.

    Some people may want to wait but other peoples time is valuable and the company needs to understand that including the management.

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bad dining experience

First and last visit to Perkin's Restaurant, (#1158) Orlando. Place was dirty, took a long time to get orders, food terrible, mashed potatoes looked like grits, diner roll looked like it had been squashed, turkey dressing was cold and dried out and prices were outrageous. $3.00 for glass of milk $3.00 for tomato juice, $3, 00 for Hot Chocolate. Silverware dirty, edge of plate stained. Overalldining experience was horrible. One order was Turkey Dinner, other order Omelette. Why take 45 minutes to serve? waitress kept apologizing First and last time they have seen of us. A real horrible experience.

Horrible experience

My husband and I stopped here for brunch on our way to Treasure Island on Sunday and got there just before noon. We were seated right away, but the host told us our server's name as she was walking away from the table with her back to us. The table we were seated at was extremely wobbly and we had to push it hard against the wall so we would be able to eat. The A/C was either turned off or wasn't working and the fans were not able to keep up with the heat since it was 97 degrees outside.

As we were looking through the menus, we noticed that they were dirty. It took our server quite a while to greet us. So long, in fact, that we were both ready to order by the time she got there. We could tell that she only had four tables including us, so we wondered why she was too busy to even stop by. However, she was friendly, attentive and knowledgeable about the menu. That is the only good thing I can say about this visit.

After we ordered, we started noticing that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING on the table was dirty and sticky: the dessert menu, the caddies that hold the jelly and sugar, and the salt and pepper shakers. We also noticed that the window that divided us from another section was quite dirty as well.

When our server brought out our food, she couldn't remember what each of us had and kept putting William's plates in front of me. Since there were only two of us, it shouldn't have been hard to remember what each of us ordered. When I adjusted my plate's position on the table, I noticed that the underside of the plate was quite dirty and one of William's plates was dirty on the top as well.

My Eggs Benedict tasted fine, but they put WAY too much parsley on it. It's supposed to be just a garnish. If I had wanted a salad, I would have ordered one. William's bacon was undercooked in some parts and burnt in others. His toast was just barely toasted and his pancakes were not only way undercooked and very wet, but he found a piece of plastic in one of them.

During our meal, the host decided that it was a good time to vacuum the floor. So, we had to listen to the roar of the vacuum while we were eating. It was extremely annoying. We then listened to our server lie twice to the table behind us. They had been seated before we got there, yet we got our food before they did. The server apologized about the long wait for their food, but told them that everything was taking a long time. This was not true considering we had gotten our food promptly. She lied a second time to them by telling them that they don't do chocolate chip pancakes on Sundays because it ruins the grill. Huh? Not even a hint of truth to that one. I think she just didn't want to order them for some reason.

Once we finally got the check, the server explained that she had circled the total at the bottom, but that there were separate totals for each of us as well. Now, I know that as a server, you shouldn't assume anything about who will be paying the check. However, 99% of parties where there is a male and a female are couples (unless it's lunch on a weekday) and only one person will be paying the whole check. It was quite obvious that we are married and we were offended that she thought we might be splitting the check.

We went up to the register to pay, and the host asked if we would like the check back to take their guest satisfaction survey. We both replied yes in tones of voice that should have tipped her off that we were NOT at all happy. She processed my credit card and gave me my credit card receipt, but then I had to ask her to give me the check so I could take the survey. In the 60 seconds it took her to run my credit card, she had forgotten. I snatched the check out of her hand, spun on my heel and walked quickly out the door. Usually, I would try to talk to a manager when things go bad, but it was so bad that we just wanted to get out of there.

Today, I tried to take the survey on line, but the printing on the check trails off where the store number is supposed to be printed, so I can't even take their survey to let them know how horrible our experience was. We won't be back.

simply awful

On Saturday, November 21, 2009, my wife, 2 adult sons and myself, went into the Perkins Restaurant on Route 300 in Newburgh, New York at 5:44 and were shown to a table. We waited 15 minutes and were never given a menu. We waited another 5 minutes and when I saw a server coming our way, I asked if someone was going to

wait on us. She put her nose in the air and acted as if she didn't see my hand which was no more than 6 feet away from her. With that, we left. We have eaten at that place many times before, but never again.

disgusting service

My mom and grandma ordered peach pie at Perkins the other day. My mom was chewing her peach pie thinking it was just a hard peice of peach skin and when she finally spit it out it was a bloody bandaid. I'm not clear on how Perkins decided to handle the situation because they kept the bloody bandaid and said they would get back with her later on what they were gonna do about concerns of STD's that could possibly have been contracted. The waitress said the pie had just come out of the oven before she ordered so I suspect the chef was still there that baked it. My mom should've kept the bandaid, but she did take a picture of it with her phone and called an attorney out of concern that she might have contracted something, yet out of the three attorney's she talked to none said they could help her unless she was sick from it. The mere thought of chewing someone's bloody bandaid makes me want to throw up! Aren't these kitchen people suppose to wear gloves when they cook or bake in a restaurant? Perkins better perk up!!!

  • Uh
    uhhino Sep 18, 2009

    no lawyer would help you?
    then you're story doesn't add up

    pies aren't made at the store anyway
    they are made at the company and shipped
    and at the company it's an automatic machine that puts them together
    no people work with the pies apart from putting the shrink wrapped pies into a box

    so unless the bandaid was resting on top of your pie
    you are lying

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  • Uh
    uhhino Sep 18, 2009

    and WHY if you were so worried about being contaminated and planning on taking legal action would you throw away the band aid and only take a picture

    this sounds like an all time scam

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restaurant smell

While on a business trip on 7/16/09, I stopped at your perkins, in edinboro pa. I ordered breakfast. I should...

Poor Food


"I had the misfortune of ordering your "Tilipa Sandwich" ($8.95) at this resturant and was completely amazed at the difference as to what was pictured on the menu and what I actually received. The menu shows a healthy portion of fish that stuck out of both sides of the bun. What I got was a very small piece of fish that was hard to find as it was lost in the bun. I would say that there was about 2 ounces of fish in the sandwich. I has seen bait bigger than what I received. I was going to send it back, but the guest we were with really likes your resturant.

I would estimate that I paid about $72 a pound for that measly piece of fish.

My father-in-law used to own a Perkins franchise and I am sure that he would not let the food cost get in the way of serving a generous and reasonable serving size. I would take it off of the menu if you have to charge $9 for that.

I will not return to Perkins!"

insulted by waitress and then by manager

My mother and I went in to perkins to have some brunch and i was getting my son out of his car seat, so my...

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