Bakers Delight Holdings Complaints & Reviews

Bakers Delight Holdings / custard apple slab

Oct 12, 2019

my daughter just had a baby went to the shop to grab some bits and pieces for her went pass bakers delight thought it would be lovely to have with a cuppa i was so disappointing spent 7.50$ custard was like a jelly struggled to find the apple it was dry and tasteless this is not right a...

Bakers Delight Holdings / margherita pizza

Oct 03, 2019

Bakers Delight HoldingsAt 6:10pm thursday evening on the 03/10/19 I bought a margharita pizza. I work upstairs in the shopping centre. Started to eat my pizza, half way chewing I found a piece of a screw which is hurting my molars right now on the right side of my mouth. I'm going to see my dentist tomorrow...

Bakers Delight Holdings / ingredients

Sep 07, 2019

Bakers Delight HoldingsOn 6/9/19 called into bakers delight, west Pennant Hills bought a loaf of bread, two date scones and an apple swirl. The scones had very few dates nothing in the centre. The apple swirl had only very very tiny bits of apple, the bread was alright. The baker here needs to put more fruit...

Bakers Delight / oval pink iced buns

Jun 28, 2019

I brought the pink iced buns on the 28.06.19, I brought 6, when I got them home to have after tea, I took them out of the plastic bag and they were like toast, the staff member who served me should have realised that when she picked them up and put them in the bag, and I was charged full...

Bakers Delight Holdings / pornographic image on display at store

May 08, 2019

Hi there, I would like to make a formal complaint. I am offended by the pornographic image of a topless woman covering only her nipples at Baker's Delight in Greenwood Plaza, North Sydney. I do not want to see this, and more importantly, children should not be seeing this. In terms of working...

Bakers Delight Holdings / bbq bonanza

Jan 14, 2019

Bakers Delight HoldingsToday I purchased a number of products from bakers delight, as my daughter had just been discharged from Hospital and is not permitted to cook or clean for a specific time, one of the products was a BBQ Bonanza Pizza for my daughter, it had a hair baked into the product, this is both...

Bakers Delight Holdings / staff member in geelong west store

Oct 16, 2018

Hi there! I am a regular customer at Bakers Delight and I am really disappointed on how I was treated today at your Pakington Street Geelong West store this morning. I had my son and my puppy with me - I completely understand OHS regarding pets not allowed in stores (fully aware of thi...

Bakers Delight Holdings / promotion bungle

Sep 02, 2018

Bakers Delight HoldingsI purchased a sourdough loaf and brioche bun on 29/8/18 to 'Win A Trip For 2 To Paris' However, Jessie the lady serving me, said that they had taken away all the entry cards with boarding pass number cards to submit the online entry - as the competition was over!!! Yet the...

Bakers Delight / hungarian roll

Aug 08, 2018

Today I was at Bakers Delight Cheltenham. I go to Bakers Delight just about every day to buy a Hungarian Roll, usually at another store or other stores, today was the first time I went to Bakers Delight Cheltenham. I love Bakers Delight Hungarian Roll, it is crusty on the outside, soft...

Bakers Delight / the size of the load

Jul 19, 2018

I have noticed that the size of a normal loaf of bread has decreased. Really? Why is it we pay more then get less. I had an older size bread loaf which use to fill my kids sandwich holder snugly, now with the new loafs I have room to move. Such a shame that you think this is the way to...

Bakers Delight / Stop fly cmb to akl because my son showed tired

Feb 13, 2017

[protected] and [protected] were the two tickets Nos What was happened at the Colombo Airport on 02/02/2017 myself and my son prepared to fly CMB to AKL and this is not first time we travel my son have been travelling last five years and for me last 12 years traveled with SQ Airline On that day...

Bakers Delight / No prices and reduced quality


Who has had enough of bakers Delight!!! I haven't been delighted with their product for months now. Firstly they no longer display their prices, rolls are not crunchy Small rolls that cost $1.00 Such a rip off i'm sure they must belong to Leonards chicken outlets as they are rip offs too.