Cinemarkticket for babies, customer service needs improvement asap

My family and I went to the Cinemark Harlingen TX and as soon as we were getting our tickets the boy checking tickets told us we had to get out because we had a stroller and if we were going to stay we had to pay for my babies too. My twins are 9 mths old, they were asleep in their carseat! There is no sign that babies have to pay or that car seats are not allowed. If I would have taken my babies out of carseat they would have started crying and then someone would have told me to leave because we are disturbing! I spoke to the manager and she said what movie are you going to watch well we were going to watch Breakthrough oh I thought maybe the Avengers. I can waive the fee for the babies! WHAT?! I asked her where does it say that carseats or children less than 1 are to pay for a ticket?! She said that each Cinemark manager can make their "rules" and discreetly waive them as well. Wow! We have been going to Cinemark for years and I've seen strollers and carseats inside the theaters. So why were we target?! I think Cinemark needs to make some regulation changes and maybe even some manager changes. So disappointed.

May 03, 2019

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