Cinemark / long lines at concession and rude employee hollers after me

Went in to see a movie on Tuesday night. You have all these assistant managers standing around talking and you have long lines of customers worst than the grocery stores. So i ho over to the bar and ask for manager directed to sn assistant who had just opened up a 3rd line card only and you have at least 3 more that can move us out quickly. I come back to same young man now theres an assistant standing there I inquire why you have no servers, checkers whatever you call your people . She is looking at me as if I am crazy. Had no solution wasn't cared about making this situation better. So I said never mind I will write a letter. As I walked off the guy behind the bar hollered at me . You have at least 12 or more people waiting in each line. Unacceptable and disgraceful. As much money as you people make and charge at concession. That day I bought None. Thank please evaluat.

May 19, 2019

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