CIMB Banktermination of asb loan cimb

Z Oct 01, 2019

Hi, I submitted the termination of asb loan early of sept. And today when I call the customer service enquiry about the status, they informed me that my form is not completed and yet the person in charge in taipan branch who name is haziq didnt tell me that the form is not completed. It takes some time to terminate the loan but when I have no one informed me that my form is not completed.. Did I have to wait more time as this is not my [censored]ing mistakes!!! Pls experdite this process as this is not my [censored]ing problem and train your staff to get more knowledge for this product as he seems that he dont know what [censored]ing things that he is doing!!!.. If this process is not experdite, I will cancel all my asb loan!!!

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