Cici's Pizzastomach aches, diarrhea


Me and three friends ate here friday, march 8 2013 and ever since that night we have have had diarrhea along with stomach pain. I can't hold anything down for more than a few hours - things go right through me and I have to drink a lot of water to not get dehydrated. I think the place got a new manager recently, because I have been there a lot in the recent past and the manager I was used to seeing was gone.

I really hope this doesn't continue. I've used three rolls of toilet paper already today.


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    Jennifer buckley Sep 03, 2012

    Employee at Merle hay cicis rolled her eyes at me when I asked for shredded cheese
    Then tossed the cheese to me. Ignoring me when I thanked her.

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    foxygrandma Mar 11, 2013

    Maybe you have had that nasty stomach flu that has been going around the country. It hits without warning. I spent 3/4 of one night in the bathroom. I am an insulin dependent diabetic and regardless of how I feel I have to do the insulin, which therefore means I have to eat, and for that reason I had to get up long enough to make a large bowl of lemon jello which is all I could get down, after doing my insulin. That didn't even stay down. So quit complaining, you aren't so bad off. What would a new manager in a restaurant have to do with you being ill. I am always amazed at how quickly people blame having an upset stomach or stomach flu on eating bad food in a restaurant. They have talked about this particular stomach flu on the news quite often.

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  • Sa
    sabrinawsnc Sep 11, 2013

    Should'a punched that cheese holding ### in the throat!

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  • Da
    Darkeraven Aug 09, 2014

    It's true but it must only be some people. Cause my mom can eat it just fine but me and my dad both get sick from it. I think it's the cheese sauce because I tested it. One time I went I had two bowls of macncheese (with the cheese sauce) and spent half the day in the bathroom. Same with the macncheese pizza. And one time I went when they stopped selling the cheese sauce, and nothing happened. Then when I got home today my stomach hurt like crazy and I got diarrhea and bad stomach pains. Still feel like I'm gonna puke. And today I ate two pieces of macncheese pizza and a bowl of macncheese. Point proven. So some people must just be allergic to something in the cheese sauce cause it's not everyone. My friend can go without issues. But my other friend can't eat there at all.

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