CiCi's Pizzaservice

A Review updated:

I tried to redeem a loyalty reward for my birthday and when I called to order the pizza, I ordered a zesty pepperoni and they did not tell me that it wasn't a one topping and that I couldn't use my reward and when I got to the store they wouldn't let me use my reward. So what I don't understand is how could the reward be ok for a buffet but not for a zesty pepperoni pizza that makes absolutely no sense. I love CiCi's Pizza and this really makes me very upset that they would not accommodate me even after they had made the pizza so I guess it went to waste. If I had known that they wouldn't let me use it for the zesty pepperoni then I would have saved it and use it for the free buffet. It's not likely that I will be returning to the Homewood CiCi's.

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