Chrysler Corporationtown and country 2012 mini van

K Sep 07, 2018

Heads up to all the people out there with a 2011, 2012 and 2013 Town and Country Chrysler mini van. They did NOT do a recall but they said "if" your vin matches then they will extend your engine warranty to 150, 000 miles.
Come to find out, you will run into a lot of problems just being over 100, 000 miles to get yours fixed for free. Chrysler has a manufacturing defect in the cylinder head on the left side of the motor. The cooling passages were cast to small making these heads susceptible to burning up the exhaust valves on the left side causing a misfire. We have 100% leakage in cylinder # 4 and they refused to fix because we are 3, 000 miles over the warranty!
*** me off because I was never notified that this was a possibility.
The car showed symptoms for awhile now with a ticking noise which is a symptom of the valve seat coming loose if I had known this the car would've been taken in before the 150000 miles and it would've been fixed!! I'm beyond pissed at Chrysler and will never by a car from them again because they don't stand behind there product when they know of an issue there vehicles have!!
Also, in order to get ahold of any management at the Corporate office you have to put in a request and wait up to 24-48hrs for a call back! Your case manager will NOT call you at all.
Every customer rep says different things (so heads up on that) and lastly, they hung up on you as well!
This company is extremely unprofessional and the customers (us) do not matter because to them it's all about the bottom line and dollar sign. Sad

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