Chowkingserving time

I don't understand why everytime I drop by for a milktea take out at chowking edsa it took like 15mins to be serve. Knowing the fact that they don't have that much number of customer's be serve. What I get upset the most is that, they will not prepare my order unless I ask them about it since I no longer seeing any pending orders in their dashboard. Not just that, they even point the task to other crews, maybe twice or thrice before they do it. It doesn't even take 2 mins to prepare it. I really love chowking but it makes me avoid you because of your service crews. Its not just about a poor customer service but I guess you're not getting the worth of what you are paying for your staff, they give negative impression to your franchise. I'm using this way to send my complain because i'm not a person who will discriminate a person in front of the others. Please do guide them properly, I know it's not just me but there so many people outthere who experiences the same, they just don't have time to complain.

Mar 13, 2019

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