Chowkingsupervisor or manager (his uniform was not like the servers so im assuming his their supervisor

C Aug 04, 2019

Went to eat in Chowking Parkmall in mandaue city, cebu around 2:45 pm today. While eating, i needed to use the restroom but it was occupied. I had to wait since i was just seated across it. When your supervisor came out of the restroom, he was still closing his zipper. When i went in, he did not Flush the toilet and i saw that the sink inside was also not working since they covered it with plastic . That means your employee did not wash his hands because he went straight to the kitchen without even using the wash area across the restroom and he did not flush the toilet which i had to flush before i use it and the flush is working fine not that its busted. Hygine of your WORK FORCE is very important specially your in the food business.

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    Sanitation of your employees is very crucial to running a fastfood corporation

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