i am 5months pregnant resided just 5minutes away from chowking fuente.I crave for halo-halo the whole day, i planned to go to chowking just for halo-halo since morning but im not feeling well that day so i waited for my husband to come home and go there with him, my husband arrive around 5pm but i fell asleep.I woke up 9pm, i ate first then ask my husband to take me to chowking but he was tired so he told me to call for delivery instead, that was around 9:55pm when i called in and order for halo-halo;a lady answered and took my order so i asked few things like how much is the large (110)/regular size (80)of halo-halo, how much is the minimum for delivery, how much is the shopao(for my husband just to make it 200)the available shopao is bolabola (65).she asked me if its ok with me if they dont hàve leche flan for halo-halo, i said its fine, i first told her i want 2 large halo-halo then change it after 3-5 SECONDS to 1regular and 1 large halo-halo instead she said she already punched it but i told her to just change it coz i know that she can still have that order voided with her managers help, i heard her calling her manalllgers attention to void it so she can change my order then her manager told her that its already 10pm and she answered "pesti, dugay kaayo gud" (pesti is somewhat like a bad word in cebu)she kept saying it and putting the blame on me. i felt really bad about it, i really wanted to scold her and ask to speak to her manager, i even think of cancelling the whole order but i force myself to keep silent just to have that order done for my halo-halo's sake and also im thinking that she might do something wrong with my halo-halo if i ask to talk to her manager..i just felt really bad, extremely bad about her attitude when she said "pesti" while she was talking to her manager and her manager did not even stop her for saying that knowing that i am still on the line listening and waiting for them, i want there main office to do something about it coz that was horrible experience.i want her to be punished so she can realize and learn from her mistake..she deserve some deciplinary action as well as her manager..i was not able to get her full name thinking that i can get it through the receipt but no name was indicated on the receipt..i also tried to search for direct number to chowking main office to file a complaint but this is all i got and the facebook page.
hoping for the management action using the receipt attached.
thank you very much


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