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I contacted claims department with Home warranty I have a voice recordings that I record every phone call conversation give me prior approval ahead of time to allow the technician my choice to come out to my home it would take too long for the their technician to come. Before I even made the appointment I explain to them that they cannot call in and I was told as long as I have the paperwork that shouldn't be a problem. Now they're denying my claim because I didn't follow protocol allowing the technician the car. And yet I have for recorded phone call conversations, now five. explaining and it appears they are going to drag her feet again.

  • Updated by Hollie H, Oct 10, 2019

    Every single phone call I recorded showing proof that they gave me the approval and yet they are still denying it. Even when they told me that I was following protocol and now they’re saying I’m not so therefore people need to contact the CEO, Consumer affair, BBB and the AG of NJ if they still do not Comply with the contract.

Oct 10, 2019

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