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Sadly, I've worked for this company several times. The duration of my contract with them was for a month. I performed 50 + work orders in that time. Sadly, majority of those work orders turned into the customers claim being denied. They don't even pay for refrigerant at this point. The things they cover are contactors, capacitors and fan motors. Customers can afford to pay for those things out of pocket.

After receiving the AUTHORIZATION # that they swear by, it seems that they still only pay whatevers listed in your pricing guide. Regardless of what the authorization agreement is. Well, your price guide is strategically listed at rediculously low prices by default when you sign up. So, after running 50 calls, I realized that my invoices were being negotiated down to pennies. I received 2 of those many work orders.

On the very last invoice that was submitted, authorizations bid me down to $55 for 3 pounds of R22 which I wouldnt agree to but finally did because of the customer. When I attempted to bill them for the price that was authorized, I mentioned in the notes that I wasn't pleased with the price. I later received a text message from the company that they are denying the claim, after I already fixed the unit and dropped my price to what they authorized. This was a clear sign of the maturity level and business practices of the entire organization. Not just that, I witnessed so many customer being turned down.

The following day, I stopped receiving appointments and I was told that all of my payments would be held for 365 days per their contract with me. A bunch of legal jargon, sadly they owe me over $1, 000.

You guys can see the invoices down below. I received one check for $135 that was split for 2 invoices that were authorized for over $315 I'm not really interested in spending too much time convincing the world of their bad business practices but the list goes on.

Choice Home Warranty

Jun 12, 2019

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