Choice Home Warrantythey refuse to cover for broken sump and leaking water heater even though they were supposedly covered.

N Aug 15, 2018

I have had a Choice Warranty plan for seven years, and twice when I needed them the most, they failed me miserably! The first time was three years ago when my sump pump failed, and water started pouring into my finished basement! I called Choice Warranty and was told appointments were filled up that day, and couldn't get out til the following day, ignoring the fact that I was dealing with an emergency!! I therefore had to contact a plumber on my own. It ended costing over $3000 to replace the pump and back-up, plus having to pay another company to clean up the water damage!!! Shame on me for not canceling the warranty plan then! The second time was about three weeks ago my water heater started leaking. I called Choice Warranty and they couldn't get anyone out for four days. Of course even though the water heater was "covered, " they don't cover a leaking water heater...a complete sham!! I was out another $1550 for a new water heater!!! I am an 81 year old widow on a fixed income!! They happily took my money every month, but left me in the lurch when I needed them!! Nancy Pabody

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