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I called for a quote for a home warranty. After I received my quote I have had non stop solicitation calls from them several times a day. I have asked them to stop calling, to place me on a do not call list, but they are relentless. They are calling while I am at work and it is very disruptive. I cannot block the calls because the calls are coming from different numbers. I just want them to STOP calling.


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    BossMom Sep 18, 2019

    This company has been calling 4-5 times a day from different numbers. After the first week, I sat down and blocked all the numbers. The next week, same thing. Third week now and I answered the phone with "Please put me on your do not call list". The lady on the other end asks why I wouldn't be interested in a home warranty for my home. I told her because they call me 5 times a day from 15 different phone numbers and when I block all those numbers they continue to call me 5 times a day from 15 different phone numbers! She says - that's not a good reason not to want a home warranty. I said it's good enough for me and hung up. Would never consider doing business with a company that harasses home owners like this.

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