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I have two homes covered under the Choice Home Warranty Agreements. They have been running me around in circles regarding a roof coverage issue for over two months. I have called them practically everyday for two months experiencing long hold times for up to an hour and a half. Average hold time has been from 30 to 45 minutes. I have filed other claims where every claim has been denied. I would not recommend anyone to take out the home warranty coverage with this company. My experience has been they are a scam. Feel free to contact me if you would like additional information. My existing roof claim is still in process for going on two months. [protected]


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      Jul 17, 2016

    Yes that person is right. I waited 45 minutes to talk to a rep regarding my problem and I then had to wait another 45 minutes to talk to a supervisor. But what really caught my attention was when I called 2 times on pretending to get a quote choice home warranty answered immediately. I said to the person answering what it only takes a few minutes to answer buy when you are a customer it takes them 1 hour and a half to answer. The person hung up on me, NICE.

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