Choice Home Warrantydishwasher

A Sep 04, 2018

I have called them several times regarding my dishwasher. First of all their customer service needs a lot of help. They are rude and don't listen. They only listen when they collect your money. I have been with them several years. You ask me why? when you are a single woman and don't know anyone and don't always have a handy man to fix what ever it is that is broken, you deal with it, but I am tired of the way they treat you. Also they sent out to my house a supposedly man with experience to fix my dishwasher. He was a drunk, didn't have a license and he said with them you don't have to be. Also I referred my friend to choice when I first signed up with them. He called because I referred him. He [aid all upfront. Well needless to say, he would call for someone to come out to his house and no one came or called him. I called Choice and they just kept putting me off. I said that they need to refund him all the money and they refused. What kind of business is this? I myself is trying them again and I will wait and see what happens.

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