Choice Home Warrantyair conditioner and dishwasher

A Jul 15, 2019

I called choice for the first time in two years of having a contract with them for my oven . The technician came and said I had to pay $120.00 before he could even look at my problem, I called choice home warranty and informed them of the situation and they told me to pay only the $60.00 and they would pay the other $60.00 . I informed them when I called that it was a wall oven and the cost would be for two people to do the job . When the technition came back with the parts he could not get a helper to remove the unit and he asked my Daughter to help him, which she did and when she asked him for the $60.00 he said it was for your benifit . I called another time for the air conditioner and when the HVAC company came he added freon without asking me and wnted me to pay him for it I called Choice home and informed them of the situation and was tol that since they donot cover checking the line for leaks they declined my service . I called the next week for my dish washer and told them my dish washer door would not close and therefore could not use it, They informed me that they donot cover macanical problems . What are they in buissiness for if they dont cover those items . I would not reccommend them to my worst enemy .

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