Chipotle Mexican Grillservice


I went to pick up an online order and when I arrived my food was still being prepared. I saw 2 bowls and 2 side tortillas on the counter and witnessed one employee take 1 tortilla and give it to a customer who waited until paying to request a tortilla while another employee put the 2 bowls and now 1 tortilla in a bag and hand it to me. I politely told her that I was missing and tortilla, and she paused and gave me a strange look. And then proceeded to tell me that there must me 2 tortillas in the 1 aluminum foil wrapper- while speaking to me in a condescending tone and still giving me a strange look. Since there were many customers waiting, I decided not to argue and just went home. While I know that it's a small thing of not having an extra tortilla, I do not appreciate the service I received and ask they work on not making their customers look like idiots. Thanks.

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