Chipotle Mexican GrillI am complaining about dissatisfaction I had recently with my chipotle bowl that led me to being sick for a few days after.


This past Friday I ordered a steak bowl with rice, beans, vegetables, medium salsa, corn, sour cream, cheese and lettuce. I was very unhappy with it all because the steak was chewy I had to pick it all out. Also it was cold and undercooked. The entire bowl was bland and had no flavor. My bowl was covered in the bean juice. Very upset and disappointed by this. Usually my food is great from it but this one was unable to eat and I feel like I wasted my money on something that I ended up throwing out and also getting sick from for a few days. I didn't eat anything the rest of that day and ended up throwing it all up. The next two days I could barely stomach any food and I am just now feeling back to normal. I would love a refund of some sort on this or some way to get my money back. As a frequent customer I would like to return to Chipotle. Thank you for your time. Chelsea Hara

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