Chipotle Mexican Grillhorrible work environment and dirty cleaning habits


I worked for this company briefly at the location in avendale, arizona. The apprentice trainee melissa has zero skills at her job. She treats the employees like dirt. Not only that, but she serves expired chicken for lunch to her customers because she was concerned with saving money on food rather than the customers health. The red baskets that they serve their food in, are never sanitized. She never makes sure the emplyees wash their hands and reprimands employees in front of a line full of customers. She was a previous employee at another chipotle a couple of years ago, and was fired because it was not disclosed that it was her mother that hired her and her sister to work at that store. She waited for all old employees to leave before she reapplied for the positin neglecting to tell human resources that she was fired before for lack of ethics. And lying on her application. I would highly recommend not to eat in the unsanitary environment, and definitely do not seek employment at the avondale, arizona location at 99th & mcdowell.


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