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I went to Chipotle at the Laurel Md location on March 22. I ordered a chicken burrito bowl with everything including the red hot pepper salsa. The bowl looked scrumptious so I dug into it. Not too long after taking several bites, my mouth was on fire. I ran up to the counter and requested water but they said I have to buy the cup. I didnt order a drink because I couldnt afford it so I had to deal with the burn. I asked why they didn't warn me and they said they dont need too. Had the runs bad too.


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Jul 27, 2016 7:02 am EDT

on 7/21/2016 I went to 248 Stetson square
Cincinnati, ohio 45219 to order a meal. after along day at work I was so very hungry. I order a chicken burrito and there was such a small amount of chicken I ask can I get a full spoon? I felt like a child telling their mother that they still hungry and scared to say something.The way see looked at me and said that's my spoon. wow I felt so small and walked away. it was no way that was a full spoon of chicken. but what was I to do she say no.

Apr 12, 2011 5:24 am EDT
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Spicy food is spicy. Who who would have thought? Anyways, they're not responsible if you cannot handle the burn. How about taking your food to your home or work and getting a beverage there?


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