Chewyprocessing orders without confirmation, horrible customer service

I stopped doing business with Chewy in 2017 because 20-25% of the dog treats I ordered came to me moldy. Finally gave up asking for a refund and threw the bad product away and walked away fro
2019 thought I would try them again. Set up an order to place when I started running low with what dog food I had on hand. Without placing the order, they took $100 out of my accountand sent me half the order. I did not place the order.
I called and asked what is going on with sending me half of an order, I didn't place, and why they took the money out of my account. I was nice knowing this was not a person who screwed this up, but their computer system. The man in Customer Service end was not pleasant,. He listened, without ever saying Chewy is sorry for the inconvenience. Bacsically, FU, Mr Customer. We don't care!
I asked to have a call tag sent so the product could be retunred to Chewy and I wanted a refund. He said he would send me the call tag via email at that moment. Two days have passed and no Call Tag!
Calling back today to ask again for a Call Tag so I can return their product and get my refund, we will see how the next call goes.
This is the end of my attemping to work with I was a good customer for years spending a decent amount of cash with Chewy, but moldy product, piss poor computer programs sending me product after two years when I diodn't place an order that screwed me out of my $ and lousy customer service which doesn't care about Customer Service.
Old rule in doing business. treat someone well and they will tell ten people you are a great company, treat a customer badly and they will tell a hundred people not to do bsriness with your company.

Oct 05, 2019

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