Chevron Gas Stationharrasment and race discrimination


About a year back, I started going to this gas station almost every day, mostly for my cigarettes. After a few months One of the Cashier's begun hitting on me, which I didn't think anything of, But about a week later the same man asked me to go on a date with him, I refused and left. The next day I returned and wanted to purchase more cigarettes, And much to my dismay the price was raised a whole two dollars more then what the average cost of them are anywhere else. I come back a few days later since its so close to my home I can walk there, Once again one of the cashiers ask me on a date and I refuse again. It got to the point where if I want to pay the regular price for them I have to go in early in the morning when they aren't there, like I have to avoid the store just because I feel like I'm being harrased. Well Today I went back to the gas station, I was in line waiting to check out and leave, there was an African-American man behind me in line asked the cashier "Hey, what are you upto Indian/Chinese guy?" (keep in mind this gas station is all Arabian/muslim owned) The cashier looks the man dead in the face and flips him off and said "[censored] you guy, Im not Chinese."

This place continues to disappoint me and treat its costumers in a horrible manner.
Please do something about this, thank you for your time.


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    Connie Mar 15, 2009

    March 14, 2009
    After selecting the grade of fuel, the $ amount started adding up before I even put the gas in my car, when I stopped putting the gas in my car, the meter kept on registering the $ amount, finally it stopped when I requested a receipt.
    The Pump # 6
    Station # 00309395
    Thank you.

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