Checkerssupervisor sarah

A Sep 08, 2018

I walked into your Checkers Restaurant in Howell New Jersey you have a lady working there which is a beautiful kind lady she's a little handicapped and I had to stand there as a customer and watch this so-called supervisor Sarah verbally humiliate and talk to this lady like she was a piece of crap not only did you talk to that lady like that she talked to another employee very rudely it was quite disgusting it was bad enough to the point where I wanted to jump over the counter grab her by her Little ponytail and smash her head on the counter for ever being allowed to treat another human being like that it's terribly disgusting on many many levels and I can honestly say nobody ever deserves to be treated the way that I watch that lady get treated in checkers that day no if I find out that there has been no repercussions done to this lady I will make a formal complaint about her and I am going to call as many as new papers I am going to go on social media and I'm going to blow this up so I'm begging you to handle this situation

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