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I thought it was bad enough that McDonald's, who started the fast food chains, started charging for sauces. Lots of others followed suit. They soon came to realize how many customers they have lost due to the extra expense. You can go to any fast food place and just ask for sauces now and they will give it to you. What really got me was, .49! .49 for sauce? Are you kidding me? I don't care what size it is. I only wanted to put sauce on my burger that wasn't offered. Until you change your policy, I will no longer eat at Rally's or Checker's. I will make it my mission to get everyone I know, and everyone they know, to do the same thing. I really hope this makes you see your mistake. Even McDonald's stopped charging quickly. I always have a great experience with the Rally's employees. I LOVE Rally burgers. I choose to pay more money for better food. But, I refuse to pay for what should be offered to customers no matter what they order. By the way, saying the sauce is free with chicken strips, ect...and then charging for it; ya, that's really a kick in the tail. Please correct your mistake before you lose more business. Thank you!

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Dear Checkers, did you fall and hit your head? Charging me extra for one sauce? Are you kidding me? You have lost my business and will encourage others to do same. Don't you already make enough money?
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