Checkers and Rally'smanager and employee smoking marijuana

T Aug 03, 2018

I drive in to Checkers and I see the manager in the blue shirt names Tiara Davis and Meghan smoking marijuana outside sitting down with no regard to the fact that I'm at the order speaker. They take their time coming in to prepare my order and when I drove up to pay they wreaked of marijuana and cigar smoke. This is the most unprofessional and ridiculous action I've seen and I am very certain that if they are drug tested they will definitely be positive for marijuana. I don't want employee under the influence of drugs and alcohol handling my food. They both should be fired, immediately or I'm going to report this matter to the necessary people who can ensure that the employees are drug free and display customer service. I have seen Tiara and Megan smoking marijuana on several occasions and if you check the cameras they are always sitting outside for a long period of time. I have had enough, it's disrespectful, unruly, and highly dangerous. I bring my children and family here and they shouldn't be exposed to such behavior. And I have been viewing Tiara Davis Instagram and Facebook page and she is always engaging in fights and altercations, one in which with a customer off duty. What type of people represent Checkers as managers when they are doing drugs and publicizing their negative immoral conduct on Social media.

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