Charter communicationsbilling, wifi


Charter sucks: When you are a month behind they don't have the common decency to give you a recorded courtesy call that your service is about to be disconnected for non payment. Mind you 1 freaking month In addition to that if you want to use your computer in different rooms there is an additionl charge just to connect to the internet.-WiFi. What a rip off and they definitely don't like giving extensions when the other cable providers give you at least 42 days. I would have stayed with uverse had I not wanted 2 of the channels thet uverse did not provide, When ever I needed extra time to pay my bill I always got it with no problem. If uverse ever gets the 2 cahnnels that I now have with Charter I will go back to uverse in a heartbeat. I was suppose to get the visa rewards card with Charter when I signed up within 6 weeks When 2 months passed and after not receiving it I called customer service and they acted like they did not know what I was talking about.Their prices are outrageous uverse is cheaper and some of their premium channels are included in some of their pcks. And the price is still lower than Charter without then including any premium channels

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