Charles Schwab & brokerage account

I made the mistake of opening a joint Schwab account two weeks ago. I had been a Schwab customer years ago and never had a problem with them. Well, the new Schwab ain't the old Schwab! Right out of the box the website opened an individual account instead of the joint account. Then it blocked the account because my wife and I live in an RV. i am disabled and cannot afford the rent of a fancy apartment. Apparently, Schwab wants to see people in my situation stay that way--despite their move to commission-free brokerage on Oct. 7th. (Ever hear of new financial and bank bail-in rules? You could wind up with a bunch of your bank's stock instead of your money if it fails in a general financial emergency. I can't help but wonder if Schwab's intention is to attract the maximum amount of account funding possible...because I can't see any acceptable ways a discount brokerage can make money without commissions) I wrote to my Congressman and Senators pointing out I had Federal and State ID using this address where I reside. I then heard from a customer relations manager named Chance who told me my proof had been accepted and my account would be reopened on Friday Sept. 27th and that my wife would be added to the account by the close of business on Oct. 1st. I'm writing this on Oct. 2nd and the account is still blocked. My phone, E-mail and FAX messages to Chance have gone unanswered. Even if this is eventually resolved, I'd be terrified of giving these people any of my meagre savings. Can you imagine what would happen if they botched a trade or "lost" stocks in your account???

Oct 02, 2019

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