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J Aug 16, 2018

Hi i just went to buy my stepson an xbox one from the dunstable cex store.
I spent ages reading the adverts that came with each one ie wether it had kinect or not 1tb hd or 500mb etc etc..
After reading all the ads i bought a 500gb xbox one s with 500gb hd and kinect ...or so i thought..
As he was packing it all in the box that came with it i asked it does have kinect right? As that was why i spent so long looking at the ads for each xbox and that the ad says at the top kinect 2.0 ..the xboxes without kinect blatantly say in brackets (no kinect) making me believe the one i bought had kinect...
The assistant then says no theres no kinect and gets someone else when i say why not..
He then tells me the second assistant that none come with kinect...the whole reason i was buying it...then offering a refund which i took ...with no offer of a sorry for false advertising nothing.
Now i use cex a lot as i build pcs and find the second hand pc hds great value ...but after today ill not use a shop that false advertises and i will make it my business to make sure people know about your trading practices.
Seriously annoyed
John hobbs

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