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K Oct 05, 2019 Review updated:

Ok so Iv purchase a phone from your shop on the 09/08/2019 at 15:00:49.
My daughter took it out the case a couple of weeks later for the screen to pop out.
So when Iv tried returning it to your shop.
Apparently the serial number is not the same on the receipt as the phone so I'm being told I didn't purchase it from your shop. WHEN MY PARTNER DID AND THIS SHOULD BE ON CCTV.
I'm very upset and need this matter dealing with ASAP because my daughter now doesn't have a phone after saving up her pocket money for ages to get one.. No help was offered from the members of staff in the shop.



  • El
    El Chupacabra Feb 25, 2020

    That serial number is an IMEI, so why not involve the police as fraud is effectively taking place - someone has mistakenly scanned the wrong IMEI in from the wrong stand that this phone was sitting on, most likely. That's not your problem. Proving it is hard. Ask them what the 'Bulk' part means, as I'm not familiar. Check the IMEI in the phone menus or by dialling *#06#
    If it matches, they're messing you about, if it doesn't match, then further investigation needed. Ask them if the phone's own actual IMEI appears on their system at all, and if it does, why would it unless they bought it in - the details pertain to another unit in stock - and accidentally put that one on the receipt (i.e. they got swapped in the shop between two identical phones - seen it happen with muppet staff and/or subtle non-phone product differences, or not even so subtle!). Otherwise suggest you will contact the police for fraud purposes who have the power to digitally investigate the Cex database to see if that IMEI exists, AND/OR if a record of the search for it in the stolen phones register was recorded as coming from Cex, which will prove it was bought-in by Cex at some point or handled by them. If then there's another phone floating round with the wrong barcode on the stand it's on, that might affect another customer.
    But the Bulk discount thing is weird... Cex need to explain, in case of fraud.

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