Certegydenied a good check for no reason?

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I have recently been denied twice trying to write checks at two different locations. Since the debit card was created we do not use checks at local places a lot but my debit card had been compromised and I had to order a replacement which left me with NO other way to make purchases except checks. This is a very embarrassing situation for good people with good credit and money in the bank. This will cause us in the future to not make purchases at the locations that use Certergy.


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      Jun 29, 2018

    Jacqualine G. Kenner- Decatur Georgia 30035

    I have been recently denied two weeks trying to pay for groceries and I have always paid with a check. I am very disappointed in the services at Kroger Stores. There seems to be a lot of changes in the way to process transactions.
    I have been shopping there for years and I don't have to be treated that way . I have never been denied by paying by checks before. Now since you all have this new company Certegy Check Services, Inc., I don't understand what is really happening. If that 's the way you will continue to treat your customers I will find others places to shop . I give Certegy big fat 0.

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