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Certegy / denied a good check for no reason?

Barbara Ford on Oct 17, 2017
I have recently been denied twice trying to write checks at two different locations. Since the debit card was created we do not use checks at local places a lot but my debit card had been compromised and I had to order a replacement which left me with NO other way to make purchases except...

Certegy / unable to write checks after 40 years of having the same account and a credit rating of 834 of

Connie Shiflett Wallace on Dec 15, 2016
Tried to write a check Dec. 7th for $523.19 at TJMaxx. Was declined with a basket of goods after shopping for 2 hours and waiting 20 minutes in line to pay. Was embarrassed of course with all eyes on me at the check-out counter. They gave me the Certegy 800#. I called and was given a...

Certegy / check cashing

R G Smith on Dec 10, 2016
Certegy is the worst service ever. I tried to cash a 800.00 check and was declined at 2 different locations. When I tried to contact the company to find out the reason I couldn't cash the check from a 30 year old company with a D&B rating of A+ it took almost an hour and a half to speak...

Certegy / check cashing services/walmart money center

Sierra Wood on Sep 6, 2016
Walmart in prescott az would not cash my money order, which was bought and paid for 2 days prior at another walmart 5 miles away. Money orders are paid, there is no waiting for verification of funds!!! So they gave me a stupid receipt and told me to call the number on it to find out why...

Certegy Payment Recovery Services / check cashing

Deborah Tomek Edelman on Aug 23, 2016
I have tried at least 11 time to cash a check at walmart and have been declined every time. Certegy has every reason for the reason this happens, first its the check, then they really don't know. of course its not your fault mam . well then why is this happening, it is really embarrassing...

Certegy / bad experience

Kdamn on Jul 24, 2016
same as others.. was at Wal Mart getting a few necessities and I had my paycheck with me (my new employer doesn't offer direct deposit). Figured I'd deposit it onto a money card since I was there already anyway. DENIED. Really? I'm depositing it, not trying to cash it. If it "bounces"...

Certegy / check cashing services

Kenneth l Boyles on Jun 23, 2016
I tried to cash my check at Walmart as I have for the past 4yrs.but have been denied on 6/3 and on 6/18 by Certegy check cashing services, Inc.I'm disabled and receive S.S.I. through a payee, the checks where for 234.00 each, I finally had to go to old point bank to cash the checks, in the...

Certegy / wouldn't cash my check

D83111 on Jun 2, 2016
Went to Macy's yesterday to buy some shoes amounting to $214.43. Certegy refused to authorize my check. I have excellent credit and have never bounced a check. Have now idea why the world this would be happening. Tried to reach to them and got a crazy automated system that basically told me what...

Certegy / check verification

Billy K. Hillhouse on Mar 29, 2016
In 2005 while building my home, I wrote a check for $26, 000.00 to Home Depot for a truck load of building material. My check was declined by Certegy who was the company used by them to verify checks. No reason could be given. At the time I had over $50, 000.00 in my checking account and...

Certegy / won't resolve dispute with collecting unnecessary information

Tom in VT on Mar 17, 2016
I had an ACH debit returned from a merchant because the merchant failed to change my billing information when I told them I had closed a bank account and instructed them to change my billing information. Fair enough, mistakes happen. The first I heard of the returned debit was a phone call...

Certegy / declined personal check

Mary Cleland on Mar 10, 2016
On 3/09/2016 I tried to make a purchase at Petsmart on Mason-Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, Oh, the store where is usually buy dog products. The total was $59.74; I wrote my check. The check was declined. Not possible; I do not have bounced checks and money in the bank and excellent credit...

Certegy / could not cash check because you told them that!

David Crosby on Jan 29, 2016
Helmsman Management Services LLC They only told me to contact you. Check Number from left to right 01874243 011900445 000000067587 Bank of America Hartford Ct claim wc 608-C28255 Check number 01874243 Check date 01/21/2016 Amount $927.64

Certegy Payment Recovery Services / putting check through 3 months after being paid

Reviewer83361 on Jan 2, 2016
on 9/11/15 my wife and i purchased a vehicle at pine belt cadillac in toms river nj we gave a check for $865.00 for the tax and title and registration when pine belt put the check in we had a check that had not cleared yet so i went into pine belt and paid in cash 3 months later certegy...

Certegy.com / check services

Reviewer11940 on Nov 17, 2015
On 11/17/2015 AT&T wouldn't take a check for a bill said certegy said it was me that was not good after calling I was told I was VIP ..lol. BUT THEY HAD TO GATHER ALL BANKING INFO!!! to tell me this, I am reporting them to attn. gen office for bad business practices. And cancelling...

Certegy Check Services, Inc. / no services

JeromeA9020 on Jul 14, 2015
On July 8th I and my wife tried to cash our federal income tax check (Joint check) at King Soopers and was told the could not cash it and gave me a slip of pre-printed paper with the number to Certegy Check Services, Inc. As I have my own life I did not call them until July 14 2015 @ 11:45...

Certegy / checks declined no reason given

dsrtrt3 on Jun 13, 2015
I sold 2 cell phones to uSell, an online recycling business. They sent me 2 checks one for each phone. I submitted them to my bank for processing and they were declined. Certegy declined to approve them but would not provide any reason why. When I called the verification phone number on...

Certegy / check not accepted

Randel Nielson on Feb 11, 2015
I wrote a check for gas at Maverik . Certegy would not except it. I have written over 5000 checks and never had one bounce. I tried to contact Certegy. I was put on hold for 30 minutes when I finally got to talk to a real person, she said our computers are down call back in one hour. The...

Certegy / certegy cost me $500 cash

Walmart victim97469347 on Jan 31, 2015
On January 29, 2015 I paid for a $500 Moneygram money order as I have every month for the last four years at the Stuart, FL Walmart. Walmart associate Ashley misunderstood and gave me one for $400 and another for $100. Within 10 seconds, I immediately requested to exchange them for one...

Certegy / declining my check

meme49 on Dec 27, 2014
I wrote a check at Academy Sports in Mt Juliet, Tennessee. It went through they give me back my check and my receipts. When I was balancing my account I noticed the check had not gone through after nearly 3 weeks. I called the store and they said everything was fine with them that they had...

Certegy / non cashing of student loan check

JOIEE on Dec 11, 2014
I cashed a Student loan Check from my College a few months ago... It took about 3 times for Walmarts cashier to get it through. I received another check and tried to casdh at the SAME WALMART today for within $100 of the 1st check amount. They gave me a computer generated paper slip...

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