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So I moved into Lemon Tree apartments in La Montagne Pretoria East in November 2017.

Was dealing with an agent by the name of Stefan...and that's partly where all my issues started.
Desperate to move in, I filled in the necessary documents, obviously not reading the ‘fine print' much and some important details, which I also thought that an agent should make sure that you are AWARE of certain things.
I was given amounts that needed to be deposited, which I did and I also communicated payments, which I thought all was in order, more so because I was allowed to move in, in no time.

I think it was in December or January 2017/18 where I started getting arrears letters and letters of demand.
I queried this only to be told about an amount on my rent which was NEVER agreed on, as the lease states, and other amounts that yes, I obviously didn't read about but went by what my agent was telling me.
And also believing that all was in order because I was allowed to move in.
I also didn't read that a debit order will be going off my account every month on the 25th.
A crazy amount went off my account in Jan or Dec which I reversed at the bank and only to find out that it was a wrong rental and arrears that they tried taking off my account.
I went to speak to Stefan and he said that I sighed a debit order form which states that on the 25th rent will be deducted.
Again, I didn't read the fine print...
So since then until to date, amounts have been increasing.

For the VERY FIRST TIME SINCE I've been living here, I had a problem with paying my rent because my bank card was cloned.
I sent Bianca an email which she forwarded to Suzie who deals with arrears.

I get home yday just before 6pm only to find that I'm locked out of MY house.
I go to the office, and Gift helped me. Thank you for that.

The person that could have known about this couldn't be reached and that was Zaine.
I spoke to him now, this morning and I asked him who instructed him to lock my door?
He said no one in specific.
He gets a message on the system to lock the unit.

Never had an issue paying rent before.
I COMMUNICATED AS TO WHY I'm able to pay just yet.
And I get my door locked.

Problem here is, companies like these DO JOT know that as tenants, we have rights to.

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