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I call to put in the work order on 10/3/18 at 9:12 am the lady assured me that the work order would be handle as top priority. I callback around 4pm to check on my status of the work order the lady sarcastically said "umm.. You just put the order in at 9:12 am.. Sooo, they just haven't gotten to it yet". I went in the office on october 4th and advised the lady in the office that the work order has not been completed. She said the she will be sending it "top priority" because my clothes has begun to mildew. However, the work order still haven't been completed! It's been a week and the work order still has not been completed. I see the maintenance people riding around and talking to each other. However, none of the maintenance people has rode to my house and talk to me about fixing my washing machine. No one has called or came to my home to check on my work order. I was assured a week ago that my work order was "top priority" and it would escalate due the mildew in the washing machine. Now, my clothes are ruin and my house have flies and smell horrible!! At this point, I am beyond irritated about the lack of professionalism and false expectation of a "top priority" work order. I have to throw away the clothes in the washing machine, consistently ventilate and disinfect my house due to the smell of mildew, and buy pesticide for the insects that was cause by the mildew from the washing machine. This is very disappointing and upsetting that this issue still has not been resolved.

Danny person
968 marcus drive, apt. 4
Newport news, va

the belmont apartments, 1000 mcqueen drive, durham nc

When we moved into the Belmont Apartments in Durham so my partner could get his MBA at Duke we were given...

abbington at northampton

Hello, I'm writinf because I would like to be moved from my townhouse . My house was shot in the crossfire of...

moving out

Hello Weinstein properties!!! My husband and I... we went to Chicago for vacation for May 23th thru June...

very dishonest office staff

Live at one of their properties in North Carolina. And have seen several turnovers of the office staff. One thing they all have in common, they are all very dishonest. As well as having 'an attitude'. So this must be something taught on the corporate level, when these [censored] get trained. And they've turned my property into almost a ghetto in short order. We have a dump now of used broken furniture and all kinds of garbage in plain sight since the [censored] tore down the little enclosed area where this crap use to go. Whoever made that decision needs to get fired. This property has literally become a dump.

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This property is great with assisting in maintenance requests and other things of that manner however, the...

the onsite rental agents.//bexley village at concord mills

This Property looks good from the outside..Mostly Neighbors are Friendly except it is a Pet friendly property...

Mold & service issues with apartment

Due to obvious mold in our vents and under our apartment, we ended up in an extended fight with management to...


Stayed at bexley at concord mills in concord, nc for 3 months and must say it rated up there with some of the worst experiences in my 54 years. Leasing agents and management were caught lying multiple times. Corporate would not answer even after i emailed them directly. Save yourself the headache, it's not worth it.

Robber Barons of the 21st century

Unbelievable. Do not work here. Their break policy is that you can take one if there's enough coverage...

Resolved The whole place is nuts!

A copy of Email to Weinstein Properties:

I've been here for a while. When I researched this place from out of state, you're portrait of yourself was a nice, drug free, crime free place...A place who charges a fee to check the background of anyone applying.

I've been here for almost two years.....And I can tell you, you have not done your job! This is a high priced, drug rink....the whole place is nuts...shootings, beatings, robberies, and break ins...In my back yard, or next door....Trust me when I say...I can't wait to give notice!

I have friends in several of you properties.

And NONE of them would recommend you....The Schools are bad. Really bad. Bad to the point a kid can't make it through his freshman year without getting peppered at least twice, just because he's in the vicinity of a fight!!!!!

My kid was an honor student. A kid who minds his own damn business. Only concerned about his grades and becoming a marine biologist......he was after his advanced diploma!

We have 4 months left.....I hope he makes it through! He hates every day....and I'll be damned if I let him sit out there at a bus stop, like a duck in a shooting range...

Weinstein properties in the Hampton, Newport News a lie....all you have to say about schools, and properties, is a some research!

You're Motto should sound more like....If you can pay, we'll find a way to let ya in........If for only a month!

If you have a kid that has the slightest interest in school.....this is not your place!!!

Mother of a hopeful student.

  • An
    anotheruseridiwillneveruse Aug 18, 2010

    Piece of crap. They let about 15 illegals move into 2 townhouses next door to us at Springfield East West & Commons. There were cockroaches when we first moved in that had to be treated twice. The carpet was stained and smelly (like dead animal or urine stench) when we moved in and they are trying to make us pay to replace it!

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