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Security deposit

My name is Cornelius Connor and I'm disputing my security deposit. I lived at 61 Browning ter Acct# wh3-111 for 11 years. We had no late rent but once in the past 11 years. We never had one complaint. We had the carpet replaced 6 years ago on or about July 2014. We asked to have it cleaned once and was denied. The carpet was replaced in all rooms in one day, we complained about the service and how the carpet was not stretched tight. Joe was the manager at the time. They did about 3 other apartments that same day. Everything was done in a rush. It was the only problem we had in 11 years. Now we are being charged $1, 553.84 to replace this carpet that we complained about. if you check your records you will see we complained about the carpet and nothing was done. I video taped the entire apartment before leaving the carbet may have been a little dirty but there were not any stains on it. There was only two grown adults who lived there and no children. So if you would take another look at the carpet and readjust my deposit it would be much appreciated .
I feel after 11 years and having been a good tenant that a little more consideration would have been consider. I have seen people move out after one year and had to have their carpet replaced. So normal wear and tear should not be charged for replacement after all these years. Maybe a good cleaning but not replacement at our expense. I understand for cleaning, but you are charging me to replace the carpet in the whole apartment and I believe this is unjust because the whole apartment was not in the conditions that is being reported.I will present to you the video I took just for this particular reason.


We had leakage in my bathroom which I was not aware of. Maintenance guy knocked on our door at 5:30 pm and...

tenant screening

ATNN: CREDIT DEPARTMENT I'm writing this letter because I'm appealing the decision that was made through my...

unethical behavior

Notified on 4/25/19 that the emotional service animal request was denied but no further details could be provided. We were told to call a number to find out more. We called the provided number on 4/25 and they had no idea what I was talking about and had no idea about details on ESAs and approvals. I emailed Carlos the leasing agent back on 4/26 explaining the situation. On 4/26 Carlos responded back a different phone number and said to call and talk to "Legal". I called the number, was transferred to legal and spoke with Sam who told me that the reason for denial was that the letter was more than 1 year old, did not have an NPI number, and was from an out of state doctor. I responded that the law was very clear and that there is no rules about it having to be from an instate doctor.Sam replied that "actually, the law is pretty vague" and that this was their policy. I said that I wanted to be clear and make sure there was no random rules on who their company would choose to deem as a legitimate doctor. He replied that no, any doctor would work. I complied with his request, sending Carlos a new ESA letter with an NPI provided for an instate doctor. He emailed me back stating that he had forwarded the request to legal.

On 5/10 I received another email from Carlos, once again saying the ESA had been rejected. Sam from legal was called on 5/15/19 at 8:57 am, no answer, 10:35 am, no answer. 12pm, no answer. Called on 5/15/19 at 10:06am, left VM, 11:16am no answer, 12:27 spoke to Maggie who confirmed that Sam is working today but away from his desk. She did not know a good time to call back but transferred me to his line, no answer. At 12:47 I received a call from Sam in legal. With regards to my letter, he said everything appeared to be in order but that he had to confirm with his boss. He said someone (himself or carlos) would be reaching out to confirm. We then received a letter in the mail saying our apartment had been given away. We called Carlos to find out what happened. He alleged that the doctor who had written the ESA was not "the right kind" of doctor.

I would gladly have filed a complaint with DCR however the thought of going through legal proceedings would have compromised my already delicate state of health and I opted not to file. I have read the law very thoroughly and have also seen several department of civil rights lawsuits (some of which involved this management company) in which the judge had already concluded that none of these reasons (NPI not listed, age over 1 year, out of state medical doctor, non MD doctor) are legitimate for the denial of a service animal. The only valid reason for denial is is the management company claims undue hardship. Sam did not (as the voice recordings of our conversion prove). One would think that since this exact situation had gone to court several years before and that the management company had only just gotten off probation with DCR that they would be intimately aware of the legal situation with disability services.

Here are other NJ legal case numbers to refer to:
Supreme court of NJ Appellate division: DOCKET NO. A-2344-10T2

noisy tenants upstairs in 1620 forest haven blvd edison nj

I just moved in July 30th 2019. The tenants upstairs have been dragging furniture or something, stomping...

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harassing letters by legal department

The legal dept is a poor excuse. They harass their tenants with stupid letters and emails by name calling for...

laundry complaint

I am living( 2015 Village Dr) in village gr Avenel NJ, in our apartments no laundry working properly complied many times to the laundry maintenance peole, but there is response, one of the worst maintenance we have and they never repair machines, no dryer work properly.
So bec of the this problem I went to wood bridge gardens apartments for the laundry and I did not take out cloths out on 18th Jan, bec the dryer was still working and laundry close at 8pm, the next day I went for my cloths but they said they throw on garbage, I am planning to take legal action on this if this issue is not resolved, in my apartments machines not working as we complained lot of times and nobody cares about this issue and I unable to take out cloths bec of machine working and they just throw away all of my cloths.

leakage in ceiling for past 5 years. never fixed leakage and cover it up with paint.

I have lives at Cloverleaf apartment for the past 5 years. I called several times regardinf a leakage in my living room and all they did was cover it up with paint. I have previous photos on how long I asked for this issue to be fixed. Now it's a whole in my ceiling with water coming out. I have called again when someone told they be here by 8:00 and it's going on 10:00. I even contacted the office no available Maintance man is available

bad service

This place is a rip off
I been asking for my lease since December of last year and they haven't process it
I summited the request again on may and still nothing.
I moved from here because I got new duty station orders but they want a 45 day request saying you will be out even though it's impossible for us military memebers to do so when out of nowhere you are mandated to go somewhere else I did a 28 day notice and they charged me a whole month of rent because I gained to give them a 45 day notice .. I was never informed of this and when I told them where did it say that they couldn't come up with an answer that's why I'm requesting my lease and eveything I signed which they said they were going to mail .. I'm still waiting

upstair tenant making noises

This is Maitrey Patel. I am leaving in 505 Cheryl Dr. Iselin NJ 08830. My upstairs tenant which is 509...

letter for noise

Hi Team, I have received a letter of making noise from my apartment. I want to know on what basis thi...


On April 6, at apartment 134, Convery Associates (Convery Gardens) began leaking the ceiling. Immediately, about his fact, was informed and notified Customer Service - Maintenance Hotline, phones; [protected] and [protected]. In short times, came a person from Maintenance, stated he fact, bu did nothing - the wet ceiling. Leaking, smelly water with a few holes in the ceiling, completely destroyed he carpets. But the worst happened later. The ceiling was dry in two days, and began to fall from he holes, the dirt, the old plaster and the material the last year was the attic insulated (fiber glass?) I'm elderly person, have to clean several times a day the apartment! After eight days, repeat 8 days, April 16, because only after eight days, despite several times to urgency, reminders, the ceiling has been plastered! The end? Today is three weeks after the event and the ceiling is not purged and not painted!!! Scandal and disregard!!! In last year, I paid a company a lot of money for painting this apartment, and now I have to look the stains and patches every single day. From what we know, "the great director" Albert, called Alberto, knows perfectly well about this case and what he did ??? NOTHING!!! Did not call, did not see, did no fix! This PERSON, no obligatory and irresponsible, absolutely no interested tenants problems!!! Created for other great purpose? Perhaps, after a year, he looking for an inspector who will check some insulation work done on the attic of the building, using harmful material (fiber glass?), by a company with dubious reputation, but willing to split the earnings. Or someone else from Middlesex Management invented after 50 years (building built 1966) insulation attic, and take something extra?
According Middlesex Management, tenants should sit quietly, silently and be satisfied with their outrageous service and "luxury" housing condition.

property management services

1 star is being gracious. Was lied to numerous times by the leasing agent about being able to see the unit...

late notice to move cars for snow removal

We Seniors was given a flyer on Saturday February 21, 2015, telling us to move our cars to BJ's parking...

rude management of the apartments

I have been living in my apartment Secaucus XChange since they were built. The only people that are professional, helpful and courteous are the people that are in the keasing department. If you are late on your rent the management company treat you as if you are a charity case. This b**** Tammi Rivera whos is the legal department is the worse, unprofessional, attitude having supervisor who gives two ### about noone. I am aware that you are supposed to do a job. Although you shouldhave compassion for people who is paying their salaries by us who's paying over 2000+ for rent. I was assessed sa 50 late fee for rent that I went to pay on the 5th. My check clearly says the 5th. Only because they were closed for ajewish holiday that I had no clue about they said they dont care. They put all kinds of fees on your bill and you have to pay it or they will have you locked out of your apartment. This is the worse company to lease from. Tgey treat their tenants like they are doing us favors. I will do everything I can to dhine light on a management company that is pathetic.

  • Vi
    victor escalante Aug 11, 2010

    sends bills after bills are due. website doesn't work until after due date. no one calls back from the offices. does not send notices and bills do not have dates on it. i have tangible proof, if you need it contact me.

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  • Ty
    tyquan Apr 22, 2014

    The Wilder manor apartments in Elizabeth NJ has BED BUGS !!! . They let a mentally disturb man live here without caring about the other tenants. This guy has had numerous complaints from walking the hall from 1am to 5am to flooding out his apartment on several occasions. Now the biggest problem yet BED BUGS !!! The bugs has now spread (which started in his apartment) to other apartments including mines. Wilder Management agreed to pay for the fuming of the bugs in my apartment, but they said that it dose not mean that they will be able to clean of get rid of them all. WOWWWW REALLY !!! they went to say to me to make sure I wash all of my clothes in the my apartment after the fuming and GUESS who they expect to pay for all that washing... YEAH that`s right me. This company is non-helpful and very Inconsiderate to the tenants NEEDS. SO use your judgemnet on wearhter or NOT if this is the place you want to be.

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customer service

Hi, i have been living in one of the rented apartments by middlesexmanagement...And in all these 4 yrs, all i...


Middlesex Management has a hold over several properties and when it comes to pest management which is a real...