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Myself and my husband moved into a security complex called Thatchill Estate in Olievenhoutbosch, Centurion. We found the company that was letting out the townhouses on Gumtree. We phoned and arranged to view the townhouse through a employee of Central development Properties. When we arrived at the complex we were taken on a tour of the complex, we were guaranteed that there was 24 hour security that they patrol throughout the day and at night. We were shown on the lease contract that there would be a garden service included in our monthly rental. We were so impressed with the complex and decided that we would sign the lease and move in on November the 1st 2013. When we moved in we saw a problem with our lawn in the back yard it seemed the grass was dying and it looked horrible but Central Development reassured us by saying we must not worry as the grass was recently planted and they will be having a garden service that will come in and tend to the grass. This is where it all started firstly the garden service comes on a Tuesday to come and cut the grass which is done so poorly they don't rake up the grass that has been cut and secondly for some time they didn't come at all the grass was so long you couldn't even walk in the back yard. I then sent a complaint through to the agency and I got such a nasty response back from them. I have submitted so many complaints in the past ranging from our house flooding every time it rain, s to the bad garden service and general things in the unit that needed repairing due to their builders not doing it right. I feel that we pay so much rent to stay here and all that get's done when you complain is terrible email reply's from the employee's of Central Development and the buck just get's passed around from one person to another. My house got broken into while we were on holiday in December. I got a phone call from a friend which was feeding my animals while we were away that our house got broken into. The sad thing is that there is electric fencing around the entire estate. The walls are very high so they couldn't have gotten over the wall with all our stolen good's the only way out was through the main gate where there is supposed to be security. They stole over forty thousand rand's worth of household good's and some very sentimental personal items. One of my dog's got battered while they broke into our house. The security is so poor that any random person could enter and the security would just let them in. We have so many tenant's that have complained about the state of the security around here many people have said they are moving for fear of safety of their family's it has taken them over three month's just to sort out basic security. I have never been so unhappy before and fearing for my family's safety everyday.
All you get is empty promises and they try to turn everything that they do to make it look like you have been the one in the wrong. I feel like they are only helpful up until the point where you sign the lease after they know that they have your money coming in for the next couple of month's they just seem to forget about you. I have sent many, many mail's and all that get said is we will have a look at the situation which is totally unacceptable as I can't tell them when they don't come and fix things that i will have a look at maybe paying your rent. Rent is expected every month on the same date no matter what is going wrong with your unit due to mistakes made by their builders. We have never been people that complain so much but in the past three month's all that we have been doing is complaining and then they think that you are some kind of horrible human. This has been the worst service i have ever gotten from any letting agency ever.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Good day, I moved to Manhattan lofts in Alberton in December of 2020. We we're given an impression that this is a place where one would find peace of mind and good place to stay in with my two small children. The first three months we're unpleasant, we had issues with electricity for two weeks with no lights, then our geyser didn't work for a week from there it was issues with water.
Right now we're in September 2021 and all these months our rent has been paid on time and we have given them no issues but my family and i are currently sitting in a unit with no electricity for a week now AGAIN. We have reported this matter even to headoffice but still nothing is resolved. They are claiming that we didn't pay rent in the month of September and we proved that we did, they have to trace those funds to the new account our rent is debited from which has been the case for the past three months and we didn't have issues so why now all of a sudden Septembers rent cannot be traced. Our finger prints have been disabled so we can't go in and out as usual and our electricity is cut.
This is unacceptable cause we do not owe a cent. We are treated so bad by this company and now the agents are not taking our calls and no one answers the phone from their emergency number. I have an infant and a 8year old. My child would go to school having bathed with cold water. It's funny out matter is not being resolved, wer sitting in the dark while they go home to their families in comfort and the level of disregard for other people leaves me in shock.
I wouldn't recommend Central Development properties to anyone cause my family and i have been treated poorly.

Nov 26, 2018 2:19 am
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I moved out of Lemon Tree on 31/10/2018.
according to my lease, it states that I will receive my deposit after 21 days.
I had to call Bianca on the 22nd day to ask for my deposit.
Its day 26 and I STILL have not received my deposit, or rather hats left of it.
AGAIN, I had to call her and as expected, got a sad story because nothing is ever her fault.Shes always been ever ready to shift blame!
BUT...DARE you not pay your rent on get locked out of our unit and your lease gets terminated.

I abided by their rules when I was told to move out after my lease ends and was told that my lease will not be renewed.
I was visited by Karel, who told me that I coud stay on, which I declined after a day or two, due to the way that my issue was handled and how ruthless Zayne was during this episode.

They deducted an amount that was owing to them...fair enough.
I was told an amount will also be taken out if anything is wrong with the unit after I move out.
which Karel himself looked around briefly ad said there doesn't look like theres any damages are whatsoever.
when I moved out, I left the unit SPOTLESS!
One could eat off the floors.
That's the way I found the unit, so that's how I left it.
Well just about.

After ALL of that, R1300 was still deducted from my deposit!
So six hundred and something is owed to me, which is STILL a struggle to get from them!

but if m rent was late, which it was ONLY ONCE, I was locked out of my unit and taken to the tribunal.

NICE Central Development!

P.S. even if 10 cents is being owed to me...I WANT MY MONEY!

Sep 25, 2015 1:29 am
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Dear mrs. Glennin,
re. My meeting with you, two directors and the village manager regarding the above.
Kindly note, and as per previous email that I have sent you, and as per agreement during that meeting, I have sent your village directors an answer on all the issues discussed. I'm awaiting the response from your village directors on that email, as well as on the satellite dishes.
Couple of points I'd like to emphasize;
1. We do not walk away from the retirement villages that we have built. However, we do not entertain opinions but adhere to NHBRC standards.
2. CSi and Central Developments are two different legal entities.
3. Are you the appointed agent handling the common property matters of the retirement village?
4. The issues on the Bougainvilla unit above have been resolved.
5. Who is mr. Phil Smith you are referring to?

Kind regards
Willie Smith

Sep 23, 2015 8:26 am

I read the above post with utmost empathy. At least the writer is only leasing and will eventually get away. We have bought a 3 bedroomed semi in one of their retirement villages on the East Rand. It has been the most appalling experience of our lives. The writer quite rightly states, that these people are wonderful until the deal is signed and then they just walk away from all problems caused by them. In our Village, they charged extra R15, 000 for solar geysers and then failed to pay the supplier and installers for other bills, installed the our geysers themselves, fitted cheap, user unfriendly timer switches and left the owners with no paperwork/manuals and failed to declare that geysers had no warrantees. Over 50% of the solar geysers they fitted failed within a very short time of occupation of units, some even before occupation! Now they refuse to take ownership. Our communal DSTV dishes are not earthed leading to a number of TV's getting 'cooked' during our first bad lightening storm. The standard of plumbing here has been appalling with major leaks happening all over. We have not been supplied with Electrical Compliance Certificates and have been advised by outside contractors, that electrical wiring in our homes is illegal and dangerous. There have been many issues with pre paid electrical meters. We also had major issues in the beginning with the meal suppliers, security and gardening services all of whom were based in Pretoria and were 'untouchable' as they were mostly familial connections. The list goes on and on. They don't respond to any problems, don't ever take responsibility for any wrong doing and the managing company, CSI is one and the same as Central Developments. Don't be fooled by responses by Mr Phil Smith - he does not have the ability nor authority to solve anything and his sole job seems to be that of a front to protect those who should be answering back to us but arrogantly think they don't have to! We are so afraid of what we have gotten ourselves into here!

Feb 06, 2015 2:35 am
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Johans' comment above; The complaint has been addressed. Willie Smith - Central Developments - [protected]

Nov 19, 2014 2:54 pm
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I reported serious structural problems at Bougainvilla Retirement Village Montana months ago, which the developer simply does not address in a satisfactory way. The paving is a mess. Roof tiles are lifting. Cracks in cement are not sealed. Painting is done in a sloppy way. Drainage pipe is not according to building regulations. Laundry area is not according to original plan. Sink has a deep scratch. Water pressure is minimal. Grass is taken over by weeds. Potential buyers at retirenow villages must be aware of the bad performance of Central Developments - as is also evidenced by complaints on several other web-sites.


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