Celcomwrong information, rude hotline agent and break of promise

I Review updated:

My line was barred on the first week of December 2012 due to

outstanding amount of RM202. I called Celcom customer service

hotline to get assistance from them to reconnect my line with

payment arrangements by 15th of December 2012.

Along the way, I've received an SMS notification from Celcom

stated that I am eligible to increas my credit limit to RM600.
I decided to call Celcom Hotline to clarify the information and

the Cco mention it is true that I am eligible to increase my credit

limit to RM600. Before I made my decision to increase my credit

limit, I asked the Cco who attended me about my outstanding

amount, whether Celcom will still bar my line if I increase my

credit limit and she clarified by saying "NO".
After listening to her clarification, I decided to proceed.

The day after a different Cco called me on my mobile phone

number saying that actually I can only increase my credit limit

to RM550, so I told her to proceed with the necessaries.

On the 12th of December 2012 I received another SMS

notification saying that I am eligible to increase my credit limit

to RM600 and stated there just reply "YES" if agree, so i replied

and I received an automatic reply saying that my credit limit

has been increased to RM600.

On the morning of 15th December 2012 I came to a shock

knowing that my line was been barred.
I called in Celcom hotline to inquire about the promised which

has been made by previous Cco who told me that my line will not

be barred if I increase my credit limit.
The Cco who attended my call that morning was a bit harsh by

indirectly telling me that I have no rights to call in to inquire

about it as I still have an outstanding amount.

I highlighted to him that I actually called in on the first week of

December to check on the outstanding amount and the

procedure before requested to increase my credit limit as per

offered by Celcom them self but the Cco still being persistant and

refuse to listen to my explanation.

I requested to speak to his duty supervisor but he told me that he

will arrange a callback so i gave him a time frame by 12pm on

the same day.
I insisted him to ask his supervisor to listen to the call recordings

from my previous call to verify that the previous Cco has

promised me that my line won't get barred if I increase my

credit limit which made me decide to increase my credit limit.

Call ended in a very tense mood, after few hours the same Cco

called in saying that his Supervisor promised that will call me

back within 24hours time so that he could listen to the call

recordings which is situated at Menara Celcom jalan Semarak

and they are from VADS TTDI.

I agreed but until now no one called me to update and as per

promised by the Cco.

This is so unfair for me to wait as they have broke their promise.
I should not be blame for this as I have called in to do

clarification before I proceed to increase my credit limit, or else I

will just stick to my old credit limit.

I demand for an explanation and I demand for compensation for

this wrong information, harshness of the Cco and as Celcom has

given me a hard time for not having my line connected for more

than 12 hours.


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      Jun 30, 2014

    Dear Mr/Ms,

    Re: Complaint Regarding Changing My Celcom Line To U Mobile

    With reference to the above, I would like to inform that there has been more then 2 months delay to change my Celcom number to U Mobile. First I went to Taman segar Celcom branch to change my Celcom number to U Mobile. They charged me about RM 70.00 and they said within a week I will be able to use U Mobile sim.

    I waited about a month nothing happened.I went to Celcom again regarding this issue, they told me my line is supplementary line so the process failed. I was not satisfied about this and I checked in another Celcom branch, they told me my line is not a supplementary line and they will get in to an action regarding to this problem but up to today no results.

    I look forward to your cooperation and hope that, this time some action will be taken.

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