Celcomrefund status

F Jan 28, 2019

Dear CELCOM/Axiata to the whom it may concern.

Celcom is very good in driving me crazy just to get my problem fully resolved. With numerous calls and complaints made to its Care Line, it just like pouring water in the sand, almost nothing happen.

My report on [protected] the case still unresolved.
The case : -

1) I have accidently Maybank 2u transfer Rm800 to inactive Celcom account 23 Nov 2018 i have call directly and ask for refund back.
The money is for personal use account Nur Syuhada (my wife) not for CELCOM

2) I have request to refund cash back to my Maybank account (14days)

3) I have follow-up my case everyday every weeks and end up the cash credited to the active CELCOM (This is wrong)
Your staff made mistake report and credit the cash to active Celcom account, now there is deduction every month!

4) We have follow-up the case since 23 Nov until today 29 Jan 2019. I already spoke to 5 Supervisor and request for Manager keep busy.
- Mala
- Punitha Nair
- Fatin
- Haizan
- Chan

4) Today the case still unsloved and my money have deduction from Rm800 to Rm499.00. WTH is going on they keep promising and delay the process due to procedure, I want my money back ASAP!

5) Every time i call the keep promising 14 days refund process, from supervisor to collection account management. Result still the same its already pass 65 days! Latest reply they ask me to pay RM400 back for refund Rm800 full due to procedure! This is a mess and b***sh in CELCOM s.o.p. I have lost my trust on CELCOM please refund ASAP and i would terminated the line ASAP.

It want to talk to someone with authority!! I have spoke to all the supervisor every time i called.

Now, I don't know where to turn to and who is responsible in resolving my problem

I wish that 'Celcom' can restore my confidence like early stage when I signed in and refund back the money ASAP.

My report no : [protected]

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