Cebu Pacific Airrude staff

The incident happen when we arrive In iloilo international airport this October 1, 2019 at around 9:15 in the morning. Me and my boyfriend who's a local in iloilo decided to ask a staff in cebu pacific airlines what are the things needed to do if we decided to bring an animal on our departure date, since we have already booked a flight with the same airline. The exact scenario happen is my boyfriend ask the female staff in the cebu pacific in the sliding window. She just replied in a rude manner "sa kbilang building sa cargo". Then my boyfriend left and he told me what the staff told him. I decided to ask her again knowing that I can get concrete answer. I ask her again "miss, naka book na kasi kame ng ticket sa cebu pacific and magdadala kame ng animal". The. She replied with upward rolling of her eyeball and told me in a irritated manner "ma'am sa cargo nga di mo sya pwede i check in". Then I just smiled at her at said thank you. I won't step down on her level even she showed me that attitude, since i'm a tourist here I will just do it in a proper way by complaining her. Please do action here. This may not be the first time she did it.

Sep 30, 2019

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