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CBE GroupWanting my banking info

They called my home number, which is my number... not my husbands... claiming they where trying to collect on a previous debt from direct tv... I explained he had been incompacitated and I have had to take over and handle his debts.. initially they wanted like 750.00... I told them I still have the equipment and could turn it back in ... they said that was no longer possible. however did hehaw around and agree to lower the debt to 490.66... with arrangements for me to pay off in 3mnths... I agreed to do this under the condition they send me an email or some form of confirmation on the agreement we had made... they claim they are not aloud to do this... yet I am to trust giving them my bank rounting info... What should I do????? Sincerly Elizabeth


  • Ga
    Garry Meyer Aug 11, 2011

    Dont give them a dime. This is under your ex's name and it's his problem. Not yours. Never give out your bank routing number to anyone under any condition. You have no idea what kind of person is on the other end of that phone line. Sure they will give your routing number to the company and they have no soul and no heart. They will take every dime you have. Then they say they are sorry but atleast the bill is paid. I know, I have done it and been through it. Not with these jerks but with another one. And that wasn't my debt either.

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  • Lo
    loujdln Oct 06, 2015

    If they can't give you what you asked for, then they are a scam. Call Attorney General, and the FTC has a complaint page you can go to, turn them in. I call Lexington Law, they have always done right by us. And whatever you do DONOT GIVE THEM ANY INFO ABOUT YOU----PERSONAL OR BANK INFO. and try not to have to talk to them.

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