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Inadequate service

Good afternoon, I accepted the settlement offer and was told to pay my balance by June 28th and apparently they are closed today. I have typed my given number on my reference No. and keep getting the notice, "We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are unable to access your account at this time. Please contact our office at [protected] for further assistance." Leaving me to psy the entire balance.

Asking for payment

I got a letter in the mail stating that I owe them money because of the go Sept of economic development for 929 which I don't have I am trying to make payment but it's hard don't make that much and they said if I don't give them a payment they will sue and I'm afraid they will garnish my pay check. I can't afford to pay cause I have other bills like rent

Asking for payment
Asking for payment
Asking for payment

Bill from memorial hermann

I found out there was an outstanding balanced owed to hospital. I contacted them to setup a payment plan. They apparently sent me to collections. This collection agency is very shady. The 3 people I spoke with were extremely rude and tried to belittle me. At this point I will wait for it to show up on my credit report and go through them to pay it and challenge it. If I pay through there it at least shows proof. I don't trust these slim shady people. I have no idea what and why I owe the amount either. They would not allow me to ask that question, cutting me off. Then hung up on me.

Collection agency

They called my son re collection on a medical bill. My son is a student in Florida. We reside in Canada. We have medical insurance for my son, but it is possible that the insurance didn't cover his entire visit to urgent care. My son gave me authorization to speak to UCB on his behalf. I asked them for a copy of the medical bill. The gave me a link to see the invoice, but when I went to the link there is not a copy of the original invoice, but just an amount owing. I explained to three different collection agents when they called that I would gladly pay the bill, if they can show me the original invoice so that I can check against what my insurance provider has already paid. They again directed me to their link. I tried explaining that the link doesn't show the original invoice. They said they mailed the invoice. I said I did not receive it in the mail. Then they said they could not mail it because we are out of the country. They are extremely rude on the phone and threatened me. They start with saying the call may be recorded...maybe someone should listen to the way they speak to people. They won't send me the original invoice by mail (because I'm out of the country), the link they send just has an amount. They tell me the invoice is from a company called "Wood & Associates" or "Wood Medical", but when I google that company I can't find them. How are they allowed to ask for payment when they can't provide an original invoice?? Wood Medical, whoever you are, maybe you shouldn't use a company like this.

How they conduct business

Sanju Sharma, and Mike Karosas are bottom feeders who manipulate and cheat their employees and clients. Sanju...

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Calls at work, unwilling to work with me and insulting

A "Ken Stewart" called me at work repeatedly and left a message with my co-worker that he was collecting a debt. He finally stopped calling at work after I called him at home and asked him to stop. He was at least nice, however on May 12, 2011, I called this collection agency to work out a payment play. The first lady was nice, but she went ahead and pulled up my credit bureau report without my permission and proceeded to tell me that I had two other credit cards with limits available to use to pay off the bad debt. She then transferred me to a "jeannette levy" I doubt if that was her name. She had a thick accent and was hard to understand, she instantly become rude, insulting, and arguementative. When I argued back, she pushed one of the keys on her phone in my ear. I yelled "hey you listen to me, knock off your stupid games." I called back and some other foreign sounding guy answered, I asked for Ms Cross, the first lady I talked to and he wanted to know if I had her extension, I said no, so he said he would transfer me. He came back on two more times just to tell me one moment, then the rude Ms. levy came back on. "oh yes, you're the one who started yelling at me." I told her nice trick with her number key in my ear and that I was filing a grievance with Citi Bank (the original debt holder and the BBB."

Items on credit report was not ours

My husband and I have been working really hard on our credit, (to pay off any and all of our old bills) we requested a list of all our bills from United Collection Bureau, who at first just ran my husbands name and came up with 27 different bills, we finally got them to run his SSN# and discovered it was considerably less, then we compared the list they sent to us with what was on our credit report, there was 6 all together, we paid 2 of these bills, but the other four did not match, I contacted them, sent them a copy of those pages of our report, contacted the original bill holder and no one could prove they were mine. They finally put the status on the four items as closed. However, they r still on our credit reports and they r refusing to take them off. Even though no one including myself can prove they are ours, they refuse to remove them from our credit. So now for anyone who looks at our credit report beleives that we did owe it and that the company gave up on us and closed the accounts. It has cost us, and we have been working hard on having these removed for 6 months. We are more than likely going to have to take them to court to have these items removed, that were never ours to start with

  • Sg
    SGT Mollett Jul 25, 2010

    We have not only reported this to all 3 of the credit bureaus, we also provided a copy of the statement from UCB that did not have these listed as our accounts but did show the two we paid off. Two of the credit bureaus promptly corrected the information, Experian however did not. They responded to us with a letter stating that the items had been verified and would remain on our credit as active. Later through continued persuit on our part to have these items removed they were finally updated to closed but we were once again informed they had been confirmed and would remain on our credit report. My question is how do they verify something as being ours when we ourselfs had provided a statement from the company on the report, proving they were not. We even contacted the company the bill was from prior to collection with UCB and they were unable to locate or verify these bills as ours, and after more than six months of fighting with Experian and UCB thses items still remain on our report. So much for these companies having to verify items within 30 days or remove them from your report because obviously they do what they want and what they want is someone to pay these bills and they don't care who it is or how badly it hurts your credit, they just want money from someone.

    I can give you another example of how poorly this system works. I am a soldier in the U.S. Army. I had served one year in Korea and upon my return found my credit reports to be in horrible condition, there was a forclosure, a vehicle reposession, they had residence history for two states I had never even been in and two addition SS#'s none of which were mine nor can I figure how you can make that kind of mistake with Social Security numbers. But with the use of the internet and a few data base searches I found 28 listings in the US for people with my name. Here is where this system fails. Person number 18 in this list has horrible credit and a new item goes to collection. The company makes a half ### attempt at locating this person and needs to file this with the credit bureaus and his name mateches mine. Guess where that item ends up. On my report, correct, and when I try to prove its not mine it is vertually impossible because the original company is looking for my information which is not there, so it makes it difficult prove its not mine when the place has no idea who you are. And so the items are impossible to get removed from your report because these companies have change the way the system works from having to verify it before it goes on your credit report to making you prove its not to have it removed. And speaking from experience, that is a difficult process, no matter what the laws say.

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  • Mi
    Minay Sep 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband and I have been working really hard on our credit, (to pay off any and all of our ancient bills) we requested a list of all our bills from United Collection Bureau, who at first just ran my husbands name and came up with 27 different bills, we finally got them to run his SSN# and learned it was considerably less, then we compared the list they sent to us with what was on our credit report, there was 6 all together, we paid 2 of these bills, but the other four did not match, I contacted them, sent them a copy of those pages of our report, contacted the original bill holder and no one could prove they were mine. They finally place the status on the four items as closed. But, they r still on our credit complaints and they r refusing to take them off. Even though no one including myself can prove they are ours, they refuse to remove them from our credit. So now for anyone who looks at our credit report beleives that we did owe it and that this company gave up on us and closed the accounts. It has cost us, and we have been working hard on having these removed for 6 months. We are more than likely going to have to take them to court to have these items removed, that were never ours to start with.

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Harassing phone calls

I received a phone call on my home phone demanding to speak to a deceased relative and I informed the person that the person was deceased and asked if I could help her... she then said she was trying to reach my son-in-law about a collection matter and that I should call him and tell him to call "Mrs. Riggins" at [protected] extension 6779 immediately.

I recognized that this same company had been calling and leaving messages on our answering machine. I had called them previously to tell them not to call our number about someone else's alleged debt and when I asked the name of the person I was talking to they refused to give it and then I informed them that I was recording the phone call and they immediately hung up. I called back twice with the same refusals and hang up.

They have since called four times after being told repeatedly not to call this number anymore for any reason.

First they were in violation of the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) by disclosing to a third party that they are trying to collect a debt. Second they are in violation by repeatedly calling my number after they were told never to call again. Third they refused to give the name of the person representing the company.

Even a quick check on Wikipedia under Fair Debt Collection Practices Act gives the summarized rules that a Collection Agency must follow and it appears that this company ignores those rules as a general practice since there are numerous complaints about them on many consumer reporting sites as well as an "F rating" with the Better Business Bureau and numerous complaints and disciplines by various state agencies and the Federal Trade Commission.

In investigating this company I found that they customarily "buy" alleged debt for pennies on the dollar... often debt that is near or past the statutes of limitations in the states where the debt occurred and then they use unscrupulous tactics including but not limited to calling relatives and neighbors and other third parties making threats and harassing phone calls and character assassinations. When it comes to actual legal action, they almost never do it because they rely on bullying and intimidation instead of legal avenues to do their collections.

My advice is first to give them no or very little information if they call. Second if they are calling about a third party, immediately report them. Third demand that they put everything in writing and contact you only by mail... and follow up in writing to tell them the same thing. If they are in any way abusive or violate any part of the FDCPA file a complaint with the BBB, your state collection agency licensing board, and the Federal Trade Commission. The only way unscrupulous companies like this can profit is if they are allowed to harass and intimidate and bully by telephone. If they actually have to get off their lazy ### and do things legally, they move on to the next sucker. And check also to find out your state statute of limitation on collecting debt.

I believe that if someone justly owes a debt, then they should pay it, but the supposed debt to a collection agency is usually greatly inflated on top of the fact that they paid only small percentages for the debt anyway. After investigating many collection agency complaints, I have yet to see one that is professional and ethical in all of their practices. But United Collection Bureau scrapes the bottom of the barrel when it comes to ###.

  • Li
    Lisab39 Aug 29, 2013

    I was getting calls from UCB, as well. I stated validate the bill I owe, through regular mail. They did not send a bill, they sent an itemized sheet of diagnosis/treatment and the dates that I was seen. They also sent me a copy of the form that i signed to have consent to be treated. i don't understand why it is their business to access hospital records. So apparently, the hospital gave them a cop of my records. I am filing complaints, and want to know why UCB finds it necessary to access my patient files and list of what I was treated for.

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Can't get letter that account is paid off

First, I pull my credit record and found a charge on it that I thought had be paid off.To which, I went ahead...

Phishing Calls To Gather Identity Info

I first received a call last night saying a bank I have a credit card with "sent my account to their office." The caller immediately asked for my birthdate, supposedly to verify my identity. I knew no one should be calling asking that information and I also know I have never had a past due balance on my credit card. I told her I knew it was a scam and I told her to put me on her do not call list.

Today I received another call from them. This lady said "do you want to have a 3 way call with your credit card company", I said I knew she'd be connecting the call to a phoeny number that's in on the scam. I told this lady to not call me again. I called the police and they said just keep hanging up, but I do not want this harassment to continue.


has a rating of F from the BBB and has had almost 400 complaints filed against them. They have been harassing my mother for a bill that she already paid and I even sent them a copy of the cashier's check. Upon calling and trying to resolve this with them I was yelled and screamed at by their supervisor Mr. Lyons who refused to tell me his first name or provide me with a fax number to request validation of the debt.

  • Mi
    mikuzy Sep 04, 2009

    Went through Credit Consolidation and charged off (paid) the credit card balances last year. Today, UCB is saying I never paid them. It was a telephone transaction and I've got proof. Only thing they'll accept is a printed pull of item from CitiBank. Funny, they were collection for CitiCards. I paid them over a year ago and now they are harrassing my Settlement Company, CNI.

    These practices should be illegal.

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Awful service

On both February 17 and February 18, 2009, this 'Agent' David Carnes was on my home answering machine leaving a message for a person not at this number to return the call. I called the 800 number Agent Carnes left several times only to get a recording 'UBC, please stay on line, etc.' The use of the word 'Agent' in his message is a clear and direct violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), since it implies he is with a law enforcement agency, though it turns out he is a telephone bill collector.

Complaints have been filed with the Ohio Attorney General, the Federal Trade Commission and the American Collector's Association in Minneapolis, MN concerning this FDCPA violation. Will update this report when those parties advise of any action they have taken in this matter.

Awful experience

I received a phone call from this collection company, and the message said 'It would be in my best...

Scam and cheating

Last Tuesday, October 22, 2002, around 12:30pm, I received a written note on my screen door describing the time of day, the representative of the collection agency, Mr. Lance Smith, involved, the phone number and extension number of the representative's company, words 'urgent' and 'contact' included in the note, and my neighbor's first name on the bottom.

I checked the phone number to see if it's just a fake number or a legitimate phone number of the collection agency that has contacted me by mail. It really was United Collections Bureau in its answering machine programming. So, I called the extension number indicated to ask why leave such information to my nextdoor neighbor instead of me. They would not tell me their method of obtaining their information.

The representative started rattling out, without allowing interruption, about the total debt, the option of lowering the amount to a thousand dollars or another thousand. He only left me with a minimum of $4000 after embarrassingly telling him that I am currently homeless (living in a temporary transitional housing program), been unemployed since March 1, 2002 due to temp. agency layoff, sexual assault victim in July 2002, and a domestic violence victim from family.

There is no way such company could squeeze me off $100 even what more if it's $4000? Not even my own mother could help me because she has been under collections for years and currently have not gotten out of bad debt. I have no friends to turn to for money.

I need to know if this company, their client, or both companies are ripping me off bigtime. I refuse to send out money to the wrong party or a con artist if I ever get hired for a job. Even if I start working, there is no way I could come up with money like that in a week's time. Mr. Smith claims that his client is not giving anymore time and may turn my case to a judge for judgment in a short time. He said something about 'him telling his client not to sue me anymore because of my current condition' but still demanding the $4000.

Please pursue this rip-off case with honest determination. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

  • Ly
    Lynn Flores Aug 09, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I received a letter July 31, 2019 stating that I had a way past due balance with a local department store. While I do have a card with this company, I know that I do not owe them any money.
    They kept wanting to discuss my payment options, I asked them to verify any of my information, they couldn't.
    These are way bad people, shame on them and their elk.
    Please tell your parents and friends to beware.

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Harrassing and Unprofessional Collection Practices

I started receiving calls from an unknown number a few days ago. There were no messages left on my voicemail; therefore, I was unable to return the phone calls. I finally received a phone call at a time that I was able to answer the phone. I was greated with the standard collection introduction. I was informed of a credit card debt that I owe to citicard. I have been unable to pay this debt because I did not have a stable job for some time. Seeing as I now have a stable job I decide to go ahead and make payment arrangements. I listen to the settlement agreements which are unacceptable because of the astronomical amount they wanted me o send in such a short length of time. I informed her that I would send as much as I could afford; however, their expectations are too much. I was told "blah blah blah... you have had this debt long enough it's time for you to man up and start paying my client." Completely taken off guard by this representative I simply hung up. I receive another call in which we go through the same initial greeting and statements. I respond with the same statement from the previous call. The representative by the name of Michelle asks for bank account information. I inform her that my bank account is currently in the process of being paid for as well and I will be unable to provide her with that information. The representative actually tried to coerce me into giving her the account information anyway knowing that the account is closed. I told her that I would not do such a thing because it could come back and hurt me in the future. She tells me that she is trying to help me out and not to have an attitude with her. I ask to speak to her supervisor because by now I have had quite enough of this company. The supervisor comes to the phone and immediately begins to belittle me telling me that all of my accounts have gone into default. He also attempts to say my students loans are in default which not true. They are deferred. Also, he tells me that while I was looking for a job I should have gotten employed at McDonald's or Burger King because they are always hiring. Secondly, he says that I should have gotten two jobs. He then asks were I am currently working. I tell him that is none of his concern. He responds by telling me that I should tell him because he is going to start calling my friends and family members. At this point, I terminated the call.

I did a little more research and found some other cases were this company's representatives have harassed, threatened, and misled people they have called. I have gone to the company's corporate website, and I am going to contact the owner and the president of the company. I have also spoken with citicard and asked them to allow me to pay them instead of paying the collections agency because of their misconduct. Is there anything else I can do?

  • Ka
    Kathi H. Mar 10, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They did the same to me for over a year despite the fact that I am disabled and until recently was not granted Social Security Disability. They threatened me, called several times a day until I made one payment of $1, 000 and on my own am just sending them about $150 a month. They can't do anything to you as long as you pay, no matter how much or how little, as long as you are paying something. I will decide, not them, when I have reached what I owe not their inflated figure.

    Maybe if everyone wrote the the Better Business Bureau about them someone might listen.

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  • Oh
    ohiogirl Apr 25, 2009

    I received a letter from my credit alert member service team regarding a change on my credit report involving United Collections Bureau. The amount that United Collections Bureau is claiming that I owe is $29 dollars. The company that I might owe the money to NetZero even though I never used the service. I am going to call United Collections Bureau on Monday to find out who I owe the money to.

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  • Pe
    personalresponsibility Oct 23, 2009

    Citibank was there when you needed credit, now that they want the money YOU SPENT you complain LOL! Maybe if you paid your bills you wouldnt be getting collection calls. Job or no job, you signed a legally binding contract and when they want the money they LOANED YOU with good faith you should pay it. People like you are why this country is in the mess it is. Whose fault is it that you took the rope to hang yourself finanically? Not Citibanks but yours! Its called personal responsibility, maybe you should Google it.

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  • Ka
    Kate Svagdis Feb 05, 2010

    Receive phishing phone calls for collections from UCB. Female screaming to know if someone is my relative and if I can get a hold of them. Would not give her full name, supervisor name, company address and hung up when I said 'well, i need that information to turn you into the State of Florida. I have a do not call line and you're phishing for information not pertinent to me or my phone line.

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  • Jo
    jon gaitan Mar 31, 2010

    i told them they can suck my dick and ill pay em later

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  • Ad
    adeosun55 Aug 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They called my sister to find out about me.

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  • St
    staci75 Aug 02, 2011

    Same thing happened in my case but told me that criminal charges of check fraud were going to be filed can they do that?

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  • Ml
    MLM#1 Jun 23, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Funny when they owe you money they are not so quick to pay. They OWE ME $300 and ive yet to receive my check. I may have to sue them. Ironic how I have to do collections on a collections company.

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  • Wi
    wildman55_98 Jul 17, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been receiving calls from them for over a month. Their number only shows up as 419. I finally called and spoke with a Rep. (had to listen to the voice mail until they stated whom was calling) that was rude. She stated that they only had another persons account sense June 30th.. Funny how they have been calling my number looking for another person longer then that.

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I have poa for my sister. She has mental disability and is unable to work. Told the women that at this time she is not able to make payments on this account because she does not have the money right now. She threaten that if this account was not paid my sister would go to jail. Then she had the nerve to say that since I had my sister poa, I had opened the account and my credit was bad. When I asked for her name she only wanted to give me a last name.
asked for first name she told me "I'm the boss" finally got her first name not sure she was telling the truth