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W Sep 29, 2019

Dear Casio-San

I remember and still have my DW-5600C from 1988. I also have DW-5030C and DW-5030, with 3229 module anniversary models.

I am a regular contrubutor to G-Shock forums and enthusiast for over 30 years!

My recommendation is that you keep module 3229 the same but add a dual time feature to module 3229 as you did with the DW-5600C.

How would you benefit from this economically? 5600E for example is your biggest seller worldwide. Enthusiasts are crying out for the simple feature of adding dual time (with current time displayed in that mode like DW-5600c had). Sure the new 5000 has world time, but it is awkward to operate and not displayed in current time mode(s). You are doing yourslef a diservice by not adding a simple dual time tp module 3229. I request you do shortly. Thanks for considering his free advice. M. Vas, Australia. Email: [protected]

  • Updated by Weird Science · Sep 29, 2019

    I forgot to add I would like to see dual time added to module 3229 (or its next successor, designated eg 3230 for example) and this module be put in all your anniversary screwback base models.

    I add that wealthy travelling consultants and businessmen also seek a simple eelegant G-Shock screw-back case square watch with the simplicity & convenience of dual time in a minimalist modlelike the DW-5600C had. Yes, basically we are requesting you re-issue the 5600C module in 5600E and all screwback classic anniversary edition 'squares'. Thank you.

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