Cash America Pawnlongines men’s watch

J Jul 17, 2019

Eight months ago I entered into a layaway agreement to purchase a long jeans watch from Cash America pawn 800 S. State in Salt Lake City Utah. I have been a regular customer here for quite a few years I spend money often in this pawnshop in fact quite a bit of money. So eight months have gone by and I have $800 down towards this watch that is $1500 to redeem when I came to make another payment for the next month that was due I was a few days late but stayed in contact with the store location when I arrive on the 11th of July I was told my watch had been sold to somebody else and that I'm going to have to just forget about the $100 I had down on this watch I did my very best to speak with the managers at this location with little or no help whatsoever in retaining any of the $800 I had down on this watch they basically Told me that I was [censored] out of luck. I don't feel this is right at all to do to me especially a customer that's been doing business at this location for years I spent money at Christmas time I spend money throughout the year I am always in this pawnshop by and things and planning things. I feel like there's more to the story about this watch because apparently I was told that the morning it was pulled which was the day I came in to pay off my watch the watch was supposedly bought by the second customer that came in the store which to me doesn't make sense considering one of the managers told me he had his eye on this watch and was a little bit bummed out that I had gotten it and he didn't which leads me to believe that he just decided to screw me because he wanted my watch no I can't prove this but doesn't it sound a little bit unfair to sell a watch that has been being paid on for six months or longer that has $800 down on it there's no chance that somebody is not going to come back that has that kind of money on a Watch and they know who I am just wanted to tell my story in hopes that I can get some help

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