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W Jul 07, 2019

I arrived 8 min early to make final pymnt on layaway of 500.00 purchase. (I and husband made 3900.00 in purchases at 5 cash america locations this month. So i frequently go and spend at locations thru san antonio as i drive around).Rude and customer service skills at 8706 perin beitel san Antonio tx 78217 with Employee Eric.Doors were locked. When i knocked on door employee Eric walked to door and asked what i needed. I let him knw a pymnt and he told me thru glass door he couldn't take pmt because they were closed . i told him it wasn't 5 on a sunday yet and showed him time on phone. He said that cash america goes by hours on computer. I told him to let me make a pmt or i was making a complaint. He opened door. I daid you know i am going to make a complaint afterall because it wasn't right about attitude he gave because he wanted to leave for the day. He said with attitude...Uh yeah. I made pmt w norberto which was nice thru FINAL pmt transaction at thus location that took less than 2 or3min. It was for a pmt not shopping! I couldn't get this Employee (Eric)to take my money for Cash America! When i asked Norberto for the time on computer after waiting in line after 1 other customer in front of me that WAS taking their time it was barely turning 5:02. I had been in line for 4 min. I looked at and told Eric (who told me when i knocked on door that it was past 5 on computer) that what he told me wasn't true about computers showing past 5. He then said"well, i didn't lock the door." Employee Jocelyn was walking around listening, but did not acknowledge complaint at all.( i'm stating this because i assume she was in charge there as she ended up locking door again). No apology or explanation by any of 3 Employees up front. Upsetting..embarrassing that i had to knock on door and feel like i had to beg to take pmt. Will be writing/forwarding this review to YELP and cash america webste. Loc: cash america pawn 8706 perin beitel sanantonio tx 78217

Cash America Pawn
Cash America Pawn

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