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Casey’s General Stores / pepsi 2ltr bottles

Mn Mar 1, 2019

I went into the nearest casey's store to buy a 2 ltr bottle of diet pepsi and there was a sign that said 2/$3.00 so I thought that was a great deal. Took the bottles up to the counter and they rang of the bottles and it came to $4.??. I said to the young man that there was a sign that said 2 for $3.00 he turned and asked a lady and she went over to the bottles and proceeded to take the sign down and said that the sale ended yesterday 2-28-19. Of course the sign had not been taken down in time I I went into that store today 3-1-19 at 12:30pm. Where I work when a sign is left up and not taken down we honor that price and make sure the sign is taken down. The lady would not honor that so I ended up only buying 1 bottle and I will not go back to that store.

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