Casey’s General Stores217 east main street, mount sterling, illinois 62353

So, after work, around 12:33 a.m., I had came into the location mentioned above, to get something to eat from one of the food warmers, and had noticed the grilled chicken sandwich was as brown as the crispy chicken sandwich and the pizzas in the warmer had to be well over an old or better, so I opted for the pinwheels, because the last time I took a chance on food in one of the said locations food warmers was about a week ago (around 225pm), and I had to go home from work early, because I had thrown up. Since this was the first case of this happening from any of your stores, that I had experienced, I didn't complain about it or even report it. Anyways, I brought this to the cashier attention and he blatantly lied to my face, and told me the girl in the kitchen had "just put them in there. I know she did because I seen her put them in there just before midnight.", I said "Okay", paid for my drink and pinwheels (since they weren't in the warmer), and left. While I may not have reported them for me getting sick, someone else might and it could end worse. If there is any possibility that they get retrained on food safety, sanitation, and quality, I don't think Id be writing this or getting sick.

PS: While I do applaud the cashier for being a good team member and sticking up for his coworker, he lied right to my face.

There was 2 male cashiers there, at the time. The younger one was the one that rang me up, and was rude about me bringing this issue up to him. The older one with facial hair walked away and didn't want anything to do with it.

Oct 02, 2019

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