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Casablanca ExpressTerrible service

So, after sitting through the 90 minute (3 hour) presentation for our promotional vacation, and dealing with decent people, we were able to book our vacation date. Keep in mind, that it requires much attention and mailing of forms back and forth, as well as $95. I am sure it is made as difficult as possible so that most don't complete the process.

After having completed all the processes, we received a call from "B". Lets just say that this was a person that I wish I would never have talked to. Basically, this person is a high pressure sales person that gets angry when one doesn't "upgrade".

The conversation started with no hello, or hi, or any greeting that any self respectable human being would start a conversation with, let alone someone that actually works for a company, or at least shows up and collects a paycheck. I found myself doing the greeting and laughing and trying to be nice. After about 5 minutes of not agreeing to upgrade, the conversation went south. This "person" if you would call them that, seriously got angry that I wouldn't agree to upgrade, and began to (between the lines) label me a fool because I was refusing to upgrade.

My review in a nutshell:

1) First contact, presentation etc. - Professional and pleasant people.

2) Booking of travel date - Long and tedious. Mailing of forms back and forth, hoping that they don't get lost in mail system, as well as $95 booking fee. Fine.

3) Day of travel date booking and contact with customer servi... no, sorry, I cant say it... booking agent - Very high pressure and extremely rude.

Overall opinion - Due to the complete and utter rudeness of this person, I would not purchase a vacation club membership from this company if it were the last place on earth to spend money and I had a dying wish to spend some on my day of death.

I hope for this company's' sake, they rid themselves of the infestation of these types of people that stoop so low as to call themselves customer service representatives, or even worse, human beings. At least take away their phones so they have absolutely no means of having any contact with possible customers, as they obviously haven't developed communication skills past those of cave people.


  • Ja
    jace188 Apr 22, 2013

    Total rip off and the sold a false bill of goods. I spoke to 5 different people all telling me different things. When I purchased the original package the sales person told me I could bring anyone I wanted to, FALSE. When I booked the scheduler told me the $200 weekend booking fee was refundable, FALSE. I spoke to customer service and a manager they were not accountable and would not refund me. I tried to reschedule my reservation within the year of my package and they don't even have visibility to January 2014 dates. There are limited is availability therefore black out dates. Once they have your money they are rude and inflexible.

    I do NOT recommend this service and would encourage those looking to travel to use Hilton Vacations for timeshares or for comparable deals.

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  • Pu
    PURPLE7900 Jan 24, 2013

    This company is a total RIP OFF!!! We went to a tI'me share and sat for over 3 hours. They promised us a free trip to las vegas 2nights 3days. After all thee ridiculous paper work and paying a $100 deposit, we finally got a call from someone regarding thee trip. We will just call her "b" but I theink her name was Brenda. She was very rude never once was nice until I agreed to upgrade our package theen she was somewhat polite but not really. On thee phone she promised our flight would leave on thee 25the of Feb 2013 early in thee morning and would return on march 6the later theat night. I agreed and was happy withe theose dates and all thee extra she stated...well when I got thee email to confirm trip it was notheing like we discussed on thee phone. My date to leave was thee 27the at 9:45pm at night and thee trip home is scheduled for correct date but at 1:40am so I'm loosing 3 days of my trip. I'm so pissed! I called Casablanca so many tI'mes and spoke withe so many rude people. The manager is worse thean thee reps he was so rude and said theere was notheing he was going to do for me. I am scheduled to take my trip next monthe and yes I'm going to go and try and make thee best of it but I hate theis company and thee lies theey have told to me. I would not recommend anyone in theeir right mind to do any business withe theese crazy people!!! CASABLANCA IS A JOKE!!! THIS COMPANY STEALS MONEY FROM EVERYONE!!!

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  • Br
    bruce desilets Jul 09, 2012

    I cancelled a trip on July 3rd for $159.00 and was given a refund and then charged again another $159.00!! The confirmation number was:5414515. I want that $159.00 refunded to my credit card ASAP!! My e-mail address is: [email protected] please notify me when the $159.00 is refunded. I have ten days to cancel and today is the 9th. day and there should be no penalty. Thank You for any assistance you can give me. Bruce Desilets phone number: [protected] or [protected]

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  • Sh
    shelley fielder May 10, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    they ARE very misleading!!! I received a free trip to Las Vegas also, really not so FREE you have to pay for way to get there. this trip I planned for my mother and I for her Mother's Day gift. After arriving at hotel and waiting in line for over 45 minutes to check in. The lady at the front counter, VERA, told us that we didn't want to stay in previously assigned rooms so SHE took it upon herself to upgrade us. We were supposed to have a room in the V.I.P. tower which was newly remodeled instead we were given room 366 in Mediterranean tower. Rust in bathroom sink, wall outlet missing wallpaper coming loose, and the view, O.M.G.!!! a brick wall with about 2 inches of the sky to see. I tried to call Casablanca but no answer. I then called hotel operator and asked for guest services. A lady named Teresa answered, I explained the situation to her and in matter of minutes a bellman was at our room to move us to Monaco tower 5512. Wish I had asked to see original room we were assigned. Also I had mentioned to my Hostess Connie, with whom I had only, and STILL have only spoke with once, that my mom would be in need of a wheelchair to get around. Nothing had been mentioned to the hotel about this, so then I preceded to wait in line AGAIN for another 30 minutes, meanwhile, my mom is having to stand because there was ABSOLUTELY NO place to set in this lobby, except the FLOOR. Granted 45 + 30=75 minutes Peoples this is 1 HOUR AND 15 MINUTES that MY MOM had to stand WITH my assistance. For this wheelchair I had to pay $40.00 for 3 days again to be set up ahead. OK NOW we are checked in and in the, oops, a correct room, I proceed to look at (for ) all the vouchers, gift card, food card, coupons, etc.. I was told by a certain person, Ron Baker, that this was $100 gift card HAHA, 10% off something here, maybe $2 off something over there. A $200 food card to be USED at many of the different eating places, NO ONE, I MEAN NO ONE TILL I GOT THERE TOLD ME that I would have to find a computer, get on the computer, and THEN PRINT out vouchers in order to use these 2- $ 100 cards. I then found out it would cost me $9.99 for 15 minutes on a computer, $4 extra for help on the computer and that each item I printed would then cost money. Would we like to know how many people it took me to find this out?? We were better off going to eat at DENNYS which was probably BETTER, QUICKER, and FASTER, make sure JOHN is working. there is definitely MORE to say

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  • Ll
    lloolloo Oct 22, 2011

    Casablanca Express is a ripoff - plain and simple. We bought a package to stay at the newly renovated tower at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Vegas - blatant lie. The hotel is old & tired & in need of repair. We could've upgraded for $20 a night but shouldn't have had to since we pd for a newly renovated room. Customer service @hotel - almost non-existent. No free shuttle, no daily newspaper and they were going to charge $3 to print a boarding pass! I agree with previous reviews - STAY AWAY from Casablanca and STAY AWAY from the Riviera Hotel.

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  • Yo
    yomommas chonies Dec 17, 2010

    First off 90 minuets is only a hour an a half long stupid [censor]. Next time listen to what they have they have to say.

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  • Ja
    Jason Arogon Oct 03, 2010

    Casablanca Express.. Is now doing something different I guess.. I got a call
    3 months ago from a sales man named "Chad" and he said that If I sent them $129 dollars, he would give me 2 nights at the Rivera resort hotel - $100 Discover card, $100 in food, and that me and my wife had to sit trough the seminar in Las Vegas while on vacation.. We had no further taxes due he said... So we figured that since they give what they say they give - Nothing more nothing less.. We would take a chance...

    We took our trip this past week, and you know, the Rivera was pretty nice, they remodeled the hotel, The rooms were great 42" flat screen TV's, motorized curtains on the windows... Refrigerator in the room... And he was right there were no taxes.. The presentation was on the second floor of the Hotel (we dint even have to go out in the heat) - it took us less the 90 minutes - and the guy who told us "about the benifits of joining the travel club" was very funny.. There was hot coffee and donuts at the seminar ... and when we said NO we dont want to buy anything.. They handed us an envelope with a $100 pre-paid discover card... That simple... We also got this restaurant card for $100 and used that on 2 really good diners on the strip... Tuesday night we ate at Il Fornino's at the Ventetian and had breakfest at Bon Panie at The Paris hotel... I think we still have like $12 left on that restaurant card...
    So when we got back and thought about it... it seems that there new way of doing business is better - I mean, we spent nothing truly to go to las vegas for 3 day and 2 nights, stayed in a nice room, ate a good meal - and got a $100 discover card (which is just our $129 "deposit" that we paid when they called to sell us this originally back)

    Maybe this is why the are doing it like this... Makes more sense.. you know that they are going to teach you some what right on a trip like this, since you are going to the presentation in Las Vegas and could complain dirrectly to the Travel Club people... We actually are hoping that they will call us back and offer us another "free trip" .. but I think you can only take on ever year or something like that..

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  • Va
    vacationer Sep 21, 2010

    I have had two good experiences with Casablanca express - and I have never done the upgrades. Sure, I had to sit through a presentation, but I got three days at the beach in a budget hotel with my husband and no kids - can't beat that! And I got at $12 refund from overpaid taxes a few weeks after my stay.

    My second trip was to BC, a little better hotel with great breakfast, no refund on my taxes and again my hubby and I had a blast. Sure you have to plan months ahead, arrive on a Sunday-Wed, but what the heck - it's a freebie. Come on.

    Sure, occasionally I had to deal with a pushy service rep - they get paid on commission. What would you be like?

    Have some patience people.

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  • Tt
    ttddkk Jul 08, 2010

    wow thank you everybody, i was just about to send off my deposit and voucher but wanted to see if there were any bad reviews. this company sounds horrible. and i hope that the time share travel agency that supports them also gets no business. they have to be aware that these people suck. I think i can plan a trip from SF to LV for a lot less time, money, and grief.

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  • Su
    suckafoo Apr 17, 2010

    We were promised airline tickets to any major airport in the US for sitting through a time share sales pitch and giving them $100 to secure our travel. We needed to choose our flight dates very carefully (as every major and almost every minor holiday, and a week in either direction of any of those holidays were off limits) and the airports could only be certain ones. We were told to choose two different dates of travel and of course there had to be a certain number of days in between these requests (I think 60 days). After much effort finding dates and airports that would actually work with these extensive restrictions we sent the requests in the time frame prior to travel they required and both times were told they were unable to accommodate our travel requests. Well, you have to travel within one year of initiating this agreement. Conveniently for them our time frame for using the tickets expired due to their inability to accommodate our requests even though they abided by every one of their restrictions. Needless to say, we never got our airline tickets and they even scored $100 off of us in the process. So, we basically paid them $100 to sit through their sales pitch and the ensuing headache trying to abide by all their restrictions. Oh, and this was all initiated by a "happy birthday" type post card to show me how much they care. I feel so lucky and loved. What a bunch of nice, top notch folk.

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  • Be
    Beware - Scam Apr 12, 2010

    Beware - the response from Sandy Lopez (a Director at Casablanca) is the same response that is sent to every site that complains about these scammers. They sound so nice, but don’t be fooled. They are ###.

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  • Pr
    prittee13 Feb 02, 2010

    THEY LIED!!!
    They told me I could upgrade my trip to a weekend. 4 different people confirmed this. Then once they recieved the dates they rejected them and sent a list of alternative dates all on the weekday. I called to fid out the scoop, and was told "No one form OUR company would have told you that. Who did you speak to? Was it one of us?" I thought they were the same as the Presentation the F should I know the difference? I was rejected, and told I could not upgrade with "the certificate" I was given. I said thanks, and hung up. Then I remembered they have my $100 deposit. Getting that back wasn't hard, I just had to sit on hold for anohter half hour and request it. Later that same day someone called me offering a weekend trip. I asked him to tell me briefly what i would be required to do, and that i was at work, so please make it quick. He offered to call back later. I told him 5pm would be fine. He never called...Ok, so you don't even possibly want a sale and my deposit? Whatever! I calle once again to make sure I would still recieve my deposit. I will. But I was told by the forst guy 3 weeks, and this last person 7-10 days. I guess I'll just hold my breath and wish real hard that it will arrive.

    All in all a BIG waste of about 6 hors of my life.

    Thanks for the vent.

    This place is a scammer of time!


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  • Ca
    CasaExec Jan 10, 2010

    Casablanca Express is the nation’s premier promotional travel company. Founded in 1980, over 1 million people have traveled utilizing Casablanca Express promotional travel certificates.
    All Casablanca Express promotional travel certificates clearly explain what is included in the offer (i.e., type of accommodations, flight itineraries, etc.) and clearly explain conditions for travel (arrival days, advance notice, etc.). Upgrades over and above the original offer are available but are completely optional.
    Generally, inquiries arise from those who have not fully read and understood what is included in their certificate and/or have not followed instructions.
    We would like to hear from you and assist anyone who is:
    1) Having difficulties redeeming a Casablanca Express promotional certificate per its terms and conditions,
    2) Has experienced rude, unpleasant, or unprofessional behavior from a Casablanca Express employee.
    Please contact Sandy Lopez @ [protected] ext 2907 and she will be happy to assist you.

    Thank you,
    Sandy Lopez
    Director of Public Relations
    Casablanca Express
    [email protected]

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  • Km
    K.Merchant Aug 25, 2009

    I totally agree with it. After getting all confirmation, after paying Booking or so called Taxes charges paying,
    a Casa Blanca rep. called & as said in previouly they wanted to sell Upgrade, & my wife said that she needs to talk to myhusband she ask if they can call back, since then started leaving numerous messages on recorder. Even though Trip is not going to happen before december. 2009.

    Finally when I got a chance to speak with one of their RUDE...NASTY said before he wanted to sell
    upgrade, & when I started asking some questions & explanation & he got angry, upset & transfered me to customer service, that no body came on line inspite of holdong for over 20 minutes. on line. I think more people should voice against this company & send them to Hell.

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  • Si
    silkysworm Jul 23, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also went to a presentation at Worldmark (Trendwest) and had the same exact experience. So I planned my trip to Las Vegas for August 2009 and I sent them a "free" $95 booking/processing fee (cashier's check) and then waited for them to respond. Once I got my confirmation letter a rude, deceptive, low-class lady "B" called me to offer me upgrades...she offered me the same upgrades as listed in the comments above...but said that the cost for "option 1" was $288 (the VERY BEST deal of course)! I told her that I would talk to my husband first and call her back. She didn't hesitate to be the first to call me back the next day. After I nicely and kindly told her that we were not going to upgrade--she became a fire breathing dragon and told me to enjoy my ONE day Vegas trip! Wow...what a wonderful way to do business! Then she basically hung up on me! That was in May...

    Well today...2 months later... Patricia ("B") called me and she gave me my flight since I did not upgrade this is how it will work for us---keep in mind that we live in Sacramento, CA--about a one hour flight to Vegas: she says: you will be departing from Sacramento, CA at 3:07pm and arrive in Denver, CO at 6:25pm like 3 states away...then from Denver we will leave at 10pm and get to Vegas at 11pm (basically an entire day wasted...there and back right?) aren't the times odd?! like the 3:07?

    Now on our return flight we will be leaving at 6am out of Vegas and arrive into San Francisco at 7:27am from there we will take a flight at 9:34am and arrive into Sacramento at 10:15am. She also did not fail to mention that I will have to get to the Vegas airport at 4am for check-in...

    I displayed no emotion or negative reaction and just simply said ok...

    So...she... after debating with herself...she said that I should cancel and that they will refund my $95 and then also pay me $100 for canceling! Whoo--hooo...BUT... NO!'re not getting out of this DEAL... that easily.

    So we're keeping it and whatever delay or overlay we have--oh husband and I have fun in any situation--regardless of people who try their best to sabotage people's lives!

    I am also very upset with WorldMark for working with this company...because of their relations and business agreements with low-end companies I will never purchase from ANY timeshare or whatever they are calling it now! Also for...duping us into buying a piece of crap trial "timeshare" ...that we are not even able to use yet...until we have paid a certain percentage of the $1800 for the crappy trial...and it has been close to a year--but we can't book a vacation...and we have paid $99/month for it...after we pay that off--we will NEVER EVER EVER do this crap is not a is worst than that and these people should be ashamed of themselves...I believe that what goes around comes around and these people sure as hell has it coming to them!!!

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  • Ca
    camachado55 May 19, 2009

    Is this company still in business? I tried to call to schedule my trip, but I cannot get through. I went to their web site and sent an email via the "contact us" icon, the email was returned! I guess I wasted my time...All I wanted was a free trip to Disneyland for my daughter!

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  • Do
    Donald Lee Apr 29, 2009

    After attending a WorldMark timeshare presentation, we received a 3 day 2 night trip to Las Vegas. We had to pick out three dates (the two nights must begin only certain days of the week) that were 90 days out, so the trip had to be planned well in advanced.

    Once we sent the form in, a representative from Casablanca Express got in touch with us. From here, the deal that was sweet keeps getting more and more sour. First, there is some $95 for "various hotel taxes", etc. So, it isn't going to be a free trip. She promised that whatever amount of that which is not used to pay for the taxes will be refunded. At the end of the trip, we didn't see any of that $95 back.

    Next, as many mentioned, she threatened (advised) that the original package would be on a crappy hotel/motel off the strip. And that the two flights we get will depart late at night for Las Vegas, and then depart early in the morning from Las Vegas... so the 3-days 2-nights is really 1-day 2-nights of vacation at Las Vegas.

    Now, we really wanted a longer vacation, that would include Grand Canyon, Zion, and Bryce Canyon, so we asked if we can push out our return flight.

    In the end, we paid another $300 for an "upgrade" that brings two primary gains: we get to adjust our flight times (push out our return date), and we get a hotel that is "on" the Las Vegas strip. And no kidding, when they get us a hotel on the strip, they got us what I believe is the cheapest one -- Circus Circus. It was a pretty decent hotel though, just not really luxurious. Among the "upgrade", we were promised $100 credit to gamble. Turns out it was a promotional credit at Casino Royale in Las Vegas, which is a "either hit jackpot, or you play until your balance is zero" kind of game... which means you pretty much play until you reach zero, since the chances of hitting jackpot is pretty much zero.

    In the end, this is what we paid: a long 90-minute (more like 2.5 hours) timeshare presentation/sales-pitch, about $400, some amount of emotional stress dealing with Casablanca, loss of flexibility in picking travel date.

    But this is what we gained: 2 nights at Circus Circus, plus 2 adult round-trip air tickets (US Air) from Portland, Oregon to Las Vegas. Plus some negligible discount coupons, and a useless $100 promotional gambling credit.

    Given that the air ticket would have cost us about $200 per person anyway (which washes out the $400 we paid), I feel we pretty much paid 2.5 hours of our time for timeshare presentation in exchange for 2 nights of Circus Circus... the going rate when we were there was about $59/night, so maybe we saved some $120 in exchange for 2.5 hours of our time.

    One more thing: I kept wondering about an alternative plan/strategy, to refuse the $300 "upgrade" and then call the airline myself to change the return flight time/day. But since I did the $300 upgrade, when I got the airline ticket (US Air), I called US Air to find out what it would cost for me to change the return date... it was $150. Per person. So that was crazy as well... but it showed me that the alternative plan would not have worked, because I would have ended up paying $300 anyway to change the flight return date, and still ended up in a crappy hotel off the strip.

    There's nothing really "free" from these timeshare presentations. You are just paying using your time (to sit through the pressured sales pitch) in exchange for some wee bit of net gain, maybe in the $120 range for about 2.5 hours (or 3+ hours if including driving time).

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  • To
    Total Rip Off Apr 06, 2009

    Yes, we too got a 3 day two night “Free trip” to Las Vegas. After going through the mailing process’s and date choosing and having to send money order or travelers checks for” taxes”. We finally heard from someone.

    Just like the other reviews, only this one has a different name, Nathan. What a rude inconsiderate being he turned out to be. They must train them to be this way. He told us if we didn’t buy his upgrade we would only be spending 1 day in Vegas since the airline wouldn’t get us in until midnight the first day and we would have to get up at 4am to catch the return flight.

    If I were a vacation club offering free trips I would never do business with them if I wanted a customer to ever buy my vacations. Is this the kind of treatment the vacation club gives its owners? Seems like if they have chosen this company to represent them they must have checked out the service.

    I will never purchase from this vacation club or will I ever do business with Casablanca or any company associated with them.

    Total jerks

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  • Sy
    Sydney Feb 19, 2009

    I think we talked to the same "B"! She called me up and said that she has the flight details for our trip to LV. Busy as I am, I took a few minutes to talk to her (of course, i was excited for the "free trip"). She didn't sound really nice in the beginning but I can say I was nice to her, sweet even. When she started giving me the options to upgrade, her tone shifted to a buttkissing sweet salesperson.

    The first option was to to upgrade the original LV trip- 3 days 2 nights, hotel at the strip (Excalibur, Tropicana, Sahara, and the like), 2 free concert tickets (L'Cirque, Beatles, etc.), 2 free dinners, $100 to gamble, and ground transportation. Sounds a great deal! BUT got to pay $268 hence the $95 deposit. Second option was to go to Reno, NV- own mode of transportation, 4days 3nights, Aladdin hotel, $28 check to gamble, and $40 food coupon and NO EXTRA fee. "B" keeps on insisting that the better option is the first one (OF COURSE). It sounded like such a good deal, yes, but I couldn't decide right away, I had to ask my betterhalf so I told her that I will think about it first then will call her the next day.

    We've thought about it and decided to just stick to the promotional trip (original travel package).

    The next day, "B" and I talked and I told her our decision, that we just want the regular trip. Her tone, this time, shifted from nice cust. serv. rep. to an irritated salesperson. She was rude and, you were right, it was as though she was almost calling (me) "stupid" for not wanting to upgrade or wanting to push through the original promotional travel. I told her that we were not even planning to go to a trip if it weren't for this free travel but she was like, "yeah but you'll end up paying more blah blah, So (be smart) and upgrade or just get your refund" Like I don't have the option of getting the promotional. And as though she really is concerned about my money!

    I know they're benefitting from me getting the refund because they don't have to book us a trip BUT i do not want to do anything with them (the company) and definitely don't want to deal with BARBARA anymore so I KNOW i'd definitely be better off without the "Free" travel.


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