CB Car Dealers Carvana My desired outcome is for Carvana to keep their promise and refund the $995 shipping fee.

Carvana review: My desired outcome is for Carvana to keep their promise and refund the $995 shipping fee.

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Carvana stole our $995 shipping fee because after arriving to our scheduled pickup location, Carvana disclosed the car needed a possible major repair and refused to sell it to us in that condition. Carvana disclosed at the pickup that they would make the repair as soon as possible. In the end, Carvana disclosed they did not in fact repair the car as promised and attempted to sale the car to us unrepaired. This is fraudulent!

We were originally scheduled to pick up our car on November 6 from Nashville. That appointment was rescheduled to November 7, 2023 due to repeatedly inaccurate, contradictory information we received from Carvana’s representatives and underwriting department. This location was about a 2 hour driving distance from our home. My husband and I took off work for 2 days in a row to make these appointments.

When we arrived in Nashville on November 7, we were told by the Carvana representative that the car we were purchasing had a check engine light that indicated there was something wrong with the modular and that they would not sell the car in the current condition. We confirmed with the representative that the modular is the computer system of the car and a major repair. The representative assured us that the car would be repaired ASAP and that more than likely the entire modular would be replaced. The representative assured us that she would keep us informed of the car repair by texting us updates.

From there we made arrangements to have the car delivered to our home the following Monday November 13 so that we would not have to take off work again and drive out of town for the pickup.

We never received an update from Carvana regarding the repair as promised. The Carfax were never updated with the modular repair. We called Carvana REPEATEDLY and sat on the phone for SEVERAL HOURS attempting and begging for repair updates before the scheduled delivery. There were never any repair updates. All we received from Carvana was a lot of call transfers, a lot of being put on hold and unfulfilled promises of call backs.

We also texted their live representatives begging for repair updates with no response.

We asked the Carvana representatives to document on multiple occasions that if we did not receive documented repairs made before the delivery time, we would not accept the car in an unrepaired state.

We were told by 2 Carvana representatives that the delivery representative would have documentation regarding the modular repair. This was told to us on the morning of the delivery as well.

When the delivery representative from the Bessemer location called to let us know she was on her way with the delivery, she had no information of any repairs completed on the car. She told us that the Nashville location would have that information. The Nashville location said they did not complete the repair because the car was being shipped to the Bessemer location.

According to the Carvana Nashville location, no repair was made. According to the Carvana Bessemer location, no repair was made. According to the several Carvana Representatives we spoke to for hours on the phone, no repair was made. NO REPAIR WAS COMPLETED ON THE CAR PRIOR TO THE DELIVERY DATE and Carvana still tried to sell us this car.

The delivery representative rescheduled the delivery for November 19. Hours after the delivery time was missed, we received an email from Carvana indicating their car check point list. The link they sent DID NOT WORK.

We then contacted Carvana for a refund as we could see clearly that after many attempts of trying to work with Carvana, that Carvana did not want to sell the car in good faith. We were told by the representative that because Carvana was not able to provide the car repaired, also she could see our many documented attempts requesting repair updates, that subsequently and fairly our $995 shipping fee and down payment would be refunded.

We waited for days and never received any communication regarding the shipping fee.

We called Carvana on November 17 and were told by a representative that our shipping fee would not be refunded as promised due to the following reasons:

1. Carvana disclosed to us at the pickup location November 7 that the car needs a possible major repair and refused to sell the car for that reason.

2. Carvana disclosed on November 7 at the pickup location that they would make the repair as soon as possible.

3. Carvana rescheduled a delivery date for the repaired car on November 13.

4. Carvana disclosed repeatedly they did not make any repairs as promised leading up to the day of delivery.

5. Carvana changed their mind and decided they will not refund the $995 shipping fee as they had originally promised.

It appears to us that Carvana attempted to sell us a car that they disclosed had modular issues. Although Carvana promised they would repair it ASAP. In the end, Carvana refused to make the repair and stole our $995 shipping fee. It is my hope that Carvana did not turn off the check engine light and resale the car to a different consumer.

We should be refunded a minimum of our $995 shipping fee for a car that we never received due to no fault of our own. What should also be considered is all the time wasted with hours of phone calls to Carvana, the days taken off work for pick up and delivery dates, and the missed opportunities on other cars we could have purchased.

I am requesting again that Carvana do the right thing and refund our $995 shipping fee as promised.

Claimed loss: $995

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